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02-What white ink is? How to use white ink?
Date:2019-08-01 11:23
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White ink is a kind of special ink.

The normal color C M Y K LC LM are designed to print on white surface, so the color ink can not directly print on dark and balck surface.

For multi purpose and multi function flatbed printing industry, we usually need to print on dark or black surface, and some transperarent item like acrylic or glass, this time we will use the white ink to print a white background.

Usually the white ink will be used to print on Dark and Black surface and transparent as white layer then to print the color ink on the white layer.

DTG textile ink and UV led ink has white ink for printing on any color surface.


Then how to use the white ink? 

The white ink can only be used to 6 color or above cartriage channel printer. All our 6 color UV and DTG flatbed printer can use the whhit ink. For example 6 color printer is C Y M K LC LM. We will fill the white ink into LC LM cartridge, so it will be C Y M K W W. When printing, we will use RIP software to control to print the white ink layer, and the second time to print the color ink.

Our flatbed printer is already included the RIP software for customres.

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Below is what we print using DTG white ink to print on T shirt


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