A4 DTG Printer
Best Mini DTG Printer Under $1000

DTG Printer is the Direct to Garment printing machine.

We NEIXO are A4 DTG Printer original manufacturer with 3000 square meter plant, over 15 years DTG T-shirt printer manufacturing experience. Our Series DTG T-Shirt Printer is good in price and strong in function and stable in quality

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a3 dtg printer

We are the manufacturer of DTG printer, with more than 15 years experience, we have A4 DTG printer which is DTG Printer under $1000

NX4320 A4 DTG Flatbed Printer
Low Cost Mini Size DTG Printer

$950.00 Welcome any inquiry, please do not hesitate to tell us your country to calculate the shipping cost.

DTG Printer Under $1000 VIDEO Demo

Sample of A4 size T shirt printing video of DTG Printer Under $1000 below for your reference, we anc print T shirts very easy, it can be Kid T shirt Printing, we have detailed step by step tutorials of printing.

a3 dtg printer video
Play Video about a3 dtg printer video

What A4 DTG Printer Under $1000 Can do?

Real Samples of our A4 DTG Printer

Neixo A4 DTG Printer Under $1000,   you can use it to print your design, your image, you photos, your Logo, you any text on the A4 size area of the T shirt. directly, without making any pretreatment for white ink. Very easy for operating and easy for mainteanace.  A4 model is the loest price model cost-effective, if you have any questation for this printer, we will be waiting for you any time, just feel free to contact us now.
a4 dtg printer

A4 DTG Printer for White T shirt

A4 DTG Printer can print small size T shirt or small area of the normal T shirt

Customer Any Design

Make your design, image, photo, picture on the T shirt directly

Any Color T shirt Printing

I can print on Kid T shirt for small Logo or small area on the large T shirt.

Full Color T shirt Printing

Full Color print at one printing pass for any color images

Black T shirt Printing

Even it is A4 DTG Printer it can support the white ink printing

Nice Detail of the DTG Printing

You will see that is very nice detail on the T shirt after pritning

A3 DTG PRINTER - Best DTG Printer For Small Business

Below we show our A3 DTG Printer is the best DTG printer for small businesses, below is product detail on each side for your reference. The small economic direct to garment printer Epson head printer. We consider the easy operation and easy maintenance to design our printer to be controlled in low DTG machine cost for small businesses and start businesses.

Support Direct To Pet Film Printing

DTF Printing Process is also available by our A4 DTG Printer

Yes are you right, even this is the DTG printer under $1000, the A4 DTG printer, it can support the DTF direct to film printing. 

You can print on film easy like printing on small size paper – the pet film, and you can also do the printing directly on the T shirt.

When you get this A4 DTG printer, you can get both T-shirt printing technology.

DTF Printing Process VIDEO

This is the video that we use our A3 DTG Printer for DTF Printing process, we can directly print the image on the pet film to get the printed pet film.

And we then put the hotmelt powder on the pet film and make it transfer to the T-shirt directly.

Contact Us right now to get more information about our A3 DTG Printer Now.

A3 size dtg printer for DTF printing
Play Video about A3 size dtg printer for DTF printing

Advantage of A4 DTG Printer Under $1000

These are Reason You Purchase NEIXO Printer

Many people want to get result on searching DTG printer under $1000 for small printing business as it is low price and without any complicated operations. This is new digital printing method, fast and direct.

No Any Quantity Limited

By our DTG Printer Under $1000 you can get complete printing job for your printing store and business. You can only print 1 pieces of text, image, photos or your design, do not need any template. It is very obvious advantage than other printing processed when we are taking it by DTG Printer Under $1000 material printing.

With Cheapest Price

Another advantage for A4 DTG Printer Under $1000 is the price is really cheap and low, you can use our priner for startup of the printing business without any risk.

Excellent Printing Detail of T shirt

Superexcellence detail as the picture you can see which is printed by our A3 DTG Printer, we have video in our website of this printing demo.

You can trust the printing quality without any doubt.

Full White Ink Channel Support

A very special feature of the A4 DTG Printer Under $1000 printing is that it has the auto clean system so the white ink will not clogged the print head easy.

NEIXO A3 DTG Printer Technology

NEIXO A4 DTG Printer Specification

Data of our A4 DTG Printer

Print Head:Epson Series
 Software:RIP Software
Ink Supply System:Damper CISS
System Require:WIN7 / WIN10
Height Adjustment:Electronic automatically
Working Environment:25-30C, 50%, Dust free


Type:Desktop DTG Printer
Color Support:CMYK+W
Print Size:210x320mm
Support Ink:DTG Textile Ink
Interface:USB Cable
Print Software:RIP software
Power:AC 110/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
auto head cleaning for a4 dtg printer

Automatic Head Cleaning System of our DTG Printer

Keeps Print Head not Clogged

You will also find that, even we provide the DTG printer under $1000, but we also provide the auto cleaning system on the printer. This is the Automatic Head Cleaning feature. We make the head cleaning process run every x (6 or 12) hours, The button of the feature on/off on touch scree control panel.

Optional White Ink Mix System

Avoid White Ink Settle Down

Another feature is the optional function, the automatically white ink maixing system, every hour it will prcess 10 minutes to run the mixing system to make the white ink move ( the running tiem might be change in future) IMPORTANT, as this is the optional choosed system, please contact our sales if you want to have this when purchasing printer.
white ink mixing a4 dtg printer
in supply system for a4 DTG printer

Color and Ink Supply System

White Ink Support for Dark T shirt

Can make 6 separately for CMYK WW

The Damper CISS is an new update continuous ink supply system, it has a very good flowing system and avoid the ink linking problem.

Welcome to contact us for more detail about the Damper CISS.

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How our DTG Printer Under $1000 work

Here are the simple steps to tell how easy to make the printing on wood with neixo DTG Printer Under $1000

Step 1. Get your Logo/Image ready for printing on the T shirt.
Step 2. Process the image in softtware like Photoshop.
Step 3. Put the T shirt on the T shirt try of the DTG printer
Step 4. Start to print directly from computer and wait for finishing

NEIXO A4 DTG Printer Details

Quality Shows In Detail

Structure Detail of our DTG printing machine – We design our A4 DTG Printing Machine by our own engineer team, and we have our own plant for manufacturing the DTG printer. We understand what our customer need and understand how to make the balance between quality and cost, also the function.
Small Size A4 DTG Printer is best DTG printer for small business as it is a kind of for sale model, it is like cheap DTG printer price for sales but with full DTG T shirt printing machine function. CMYKWW with white ink channel that can print black and dark T shirt.
lifting system a4 dtg printer
covers of a4 dtg printer
capping system of a4 dtg printer

We have over 15 years experience on A4 DTG Printer design and production, in each detail, we have our own design by our engineer team like touch screen panel, four-axis electronic lifting tray, also the design on damper CISS fixing and installing. Only a real manufacturer of A4 DTG Printer will provide professional factory support.

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Feedback Photos of DTG Printer Under $1000

Customer Review Photo When A4 DTG Printer Arrive

The printer normally would be sent by Express service like DHL/FedEx/TNT, or sea freight, or as your request to send to your forwarder warehouse. When the DTG Printer arrived you would see same packing as how we packed after testing.

A4 dtg printer review
a4 dtg printer customer show
buyer photo of A4 dtg printer
Here are some Machine photos from our customer when they received our machine.

A4 DTG Printer Customer Review

Full function with a very cheap and low price of our A3 DTG Printer, it is very welcome all over the world, we have been sending thousands of A3 DTG Printer to customers and we get very good feedback from customers. 

Play Video about review of a3 dtg printer

Honest Customer Review.

This is the video from our customer from the United States,  our NEIXO A3 DTG printer in 2021, he is satisfied with our A3 DTG Printer and is very happy to recommend our flatbed printer to you as the potential customer who is going to purchase our A3 DTG Printer.

If you are considering purchasing an A3 DTG Printer please feel free to contact us direcly.

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If you ares interested in our A3 DTG printer, please feel free to contact us Now!


Professional Service and Support

Service of DTG Printer Under $1000 - Factory Engineer Technical Support

The most important factor to buy the printer from original manufacturer is the after sales service.

a4 dtg printer tutorials
a4 dtg printer service
a4 dtg printer service

We provide the step by step, very detailed instructions in video of our DTG printing DTG flatbed Printer. After seeing all our instruction, you would be easy to understand how our printer working and how to make setting of software, Also how to make the image ready for printing etc.

Packing Size and Weight of DTG Printer Under 1000

Leading Time and Packing

Shipping Crate of A43 DTG Printer

Package-Type:International Wooden Crate
Package Dimension:68x59x52cm
Net Weight:28KG
Gross Weight:38KG
a4 dtg printer packing and delivery

1.Delivery of the DTG Printer Under $1000

The packages will be sent by like DHL/FedEx/TNT Express, we use the wooden crate to protect the printer.

2.Final Testing of our DTG Printer before shipping out

To All our printers, we have to do the final test before sending out, make sure our printer can be run in normal condition, even the DTG printer under $1000, we will do all the necessary test. Video record will be made at this time too.

Neixo A4 DTG Printer Factory

Own Engineer Team and Workshop

As a Manufacturer with DTG flatbed printer, we have our own engineer team and 15 years DTG printing experience, So you would get our professional technical support once becoming our Customer.

1. Neixo DTG Printer Under $1000 Manufacturer

The photos are showing our production line including Raw material warehouse, assembling workshop, packing workshop, stock warehouse and our working teams.
We own the ability from developing to producing UV and DTG printer.
Welcome to visit our factory, showroom for checking our printer directly.
a4 dtg printer stock
A4 DTG Printer Stock
a4 dtg printer warehouse
Worker Recording Material
a4 dtg printer shipping
Shipping For A4 DTG Printer
a4 dtg printer manufacturer
Carefully in Production
a4 dtg printer checking
Technician Inspection
customer visit factory of a4 dtg printer
Customer in Visiting to Neixo Factory
a4 dtg flatbed printer material

A4 DTG Printer Material

a4 dtg flatbed printer shipping
Equipment for Delivery
small flatbed printer factory workers
NEIXO Factory Worker Team

2. Famous DTG and UV Printer Exhibitions

We also showed our DTG Printer Under $1000 printing in different digital UV printing field business and machine exhibition. Customer see in live printing processing in the trade show and all feel amazing about our printers.
a4 dtg printer exhibitions
a4 dtg printer trade show
small size dtg printer trade show
a4 dtg printer show
a4 DTG printer exhibitaions
a4 dtg printer exhibitions
DTG Printer Under $1000 is a very good machine for DTG T shirt printing directly. Fast, Easy, Flexible are the advantage! Contact Us Now for It Now!

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You may have many questions or inquiries about our A3 DTG Printer, it may be price of our printer, operations, tutorials, or support. Just feel free to send any message to us we will reply to you within 24 working hours!

any color T shirt printing a4 dtg printer

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