Acrylic Invitation Printer for Custom Wedding Invitation Card Printing

As the original manufacturer of the Acrylic Invitation Printer, NEIXO has more than 15 years of small UV printer production experience. As the manufacturer, we have an engineer team and workers team, also the technician team for supporting the after-sale service of our acrylic invitation printer.

Acrylic Invitation Printer can print any image on the acrylic wedding invitation, custom images, text, stunning clear, or any color, shape, size acrylic invitation.


Acrylic Invitation Printer Demo Video

There are many materials for the invitation, one kind of popular invitation is made by acrylic. NEIXO Provides the best features to all our small UV flatbed printers like the auto cleaning system, cooling system. Of course, our acrylic invitation printer includes them all. PEASE see the video here of our acrylic invitation printer doing the printing job of the wedding invitation acrylic sheet printing. No matter it is clear acrylic invitation of the color one, transparent one of solid one, we can process the printing job on it.

acrylic invitation printer printing video
Play Video about acrylic invitation printer printing video

Acrylic Invitation Printer Application

There are many kinds of wedding invitations on acrylic, you can DIY the invitation and custom any image by your design, sign printing, envelope printing, etc.

All Samples from our Acrylic Wedding Invitation Printer​

Clear Acrylic Invitation Printer

To print on clear acrylic invitation, our small size UV printer is a best choice as you can very easy to get the printing process done

Custom Wedding Invitation

Most of the custom wedding invitation is made by acrylic, our acrylic invitation printer is UV printing process to print on acrylic

DIY Design Invitation Printer

Many acrylic wedding invitations DIY services in the market, you can see that the printing is by the acrylic invitation printer

invitation full color uv printer

Full-Color Acrylic Card Printing

No matter what you want to print by our acrylic invitation printer, like photos, pictures, all of them can be printed in full color

white text wedding acrylic invitation printer

White Text Acrylic Invitations

Our UV printer can support the white color ink so the most popular white color text, line acrylic wedding invitation is easy to be done

acrylic wedding invitation printer

Embossed Effect Image Invitation

NEIXO Acrylic Invitation Printer is the UV flatbed printer so it of course can support the embossed printing effect on the wedding invitation card.

invitation printer

2mm Acrylic Invitation Printing

Almost all kinds of printing thickness you can print by our Acrylic Invitation Printer. 1mm/. 04″ and 2mm/. 08″ and 3mm/. 12″ are standard.

wedding invitation printer

Transparent Acrylic Invitation

Almost all of customers who wants to make acrylic is bcs it is transparent, and better then glass. Our acrylic invitation printer can provide best printing 

any size invitation printer

Any Dimension Size Invitations

You know the standard size is a 5″ x 7″ invitation, but we can do almost any size of the acrylic invitation printing as long as it is smaller in our print area.

NEIXO Acrylic Invitation Printer Advantage

There are Reasons You Purchase NEIXO Printer

We understand that you are going to print on invitation card in acrylic, firstly the acrylic invitation printer is based on the UV flatbed printer, our small format UV printer can do printing on the acrylic sheet then, of course, can print on acrylic invitations. And there are a lot of printing effects our acrylic invitation printer supported. 

Full Color Invitation Printing

There are no more things to stop you to print full-color acrylic wedding invitations by our acrylic invitation printer, as you can directly print full color at one time. 

Custom Any Design on Invitation

Custom print anything by our acrylic invitation printer for wedding text, images, pictures, even photos, without any limited just print what you want to print.

Varnish Effect Invitation Printing

With our dual heads UV flatbed printer for acrylic invitation printing, you can directly print white + color + varnish at one print to complete all the printing.

Embossed Raised Printing

acrylic invitation printing machine
Play Video about acrylic invitation printing machine

The embossed effect is a standard printing effect by our acrylic invitation printer of UV printing. We can control the embossed thickness to suit what you need.

More Benefit of Our Acrylic Invitation Printer

acrylic invitation printer

The Best Printer for Start up Business

NEIXO makes the small size UV flatbed printer as the acrylic invitation printer, thus we can get the cheap and low price but with very good function and stable quality for small and start-up entrance level business.

For A4 A3 size desktop UV printer, we can get very low cost with the low shipping cost, for industry class UV printer we can get much fast speed production.

Jig/Fixture for Mass Production

No matter what shape of your wedding invitations, we can make flexible jigs and fixtures to hold the invitation cards so the mass production time is fast.

Our industry-class UV flatbed acrylic invitation printer is the best one for mass production. 

Any Shape Acrylic Invitation Support

Regular rectangle, square, hexagon, heart shape, star shape, all you can print any design and image on the clear acrylic wedding invitations.

Get the price and detail right now to know further information on our acrylic invitation printer.

invitation printer

Precise Positioning for All Invitation Cards​

In each print, the location of the invitation cards will not be changed, thus the images on the wedding invitation card can not be different too. NEIXO acrylic invitation printer is the guarantee on this.

Our acrylic invitation card printing machine will get the same place printed always.

Durable UV Ink for Wedding Invitation Printer

In each print, the location of the invitation cards will not be changed, thus the images on the wedding invitation card can not be different too. NEIXO acrylic invitation printer is the guarantee on this.

Unparalleled Print Detail

The UV Led ink is curable by the UV light, it is solid and hard ink after curing. That will be the durable ink and anti-scratched and last for long time.

The acrylic invitaiton printer can use UV led ink for white test printing only with embossed effect.

Varnish Invitation Printing

This is the video in which we use the varnish acrylic invitation printer to do the full printing process of white  + color + varnish printing.

It can directly print a small part of the varnish not full of it.

acrylic invitation printing machine
Play Video about acrylic invitation printing machine
acrylic invitation printer varnish

Varnish Acrylic Invitation Printer

Our NEIXO industry version dual heads UV flatbed printer support 2 print heads, one is CMYK+WW, another is full varnish.

We can choose a small place for varnish printing that you can make according to our tutorials.

Relate Acrylic Invitation Printer For You

Since we are a professional manufacturer, our printer model covers desktop up printer to industry UV printer, if you do not know how to choose the correct acrylic invitation printer for you, please CONTACT US directly, our professional sales team will provide suggestion to you.

“Please do not think to much, buying acrylic invitation printer from NEIXO will never be a bad choice. “

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