Adapter Board Convert A3 L1800/1390 Print Head to A4 L805/L800

Model : NAC-BD-D3T4

Description: This is an adapter board Neixo designed and produced to convert the A3 L1800 print head to the A4 L805 print head for the Normal Epson Printer, Desktop UV printer, DTG Printer, and DTF Printer.

Neixo - Original Designer and Producer

Now you can use A4 L805/L800 print head to your L1800/1390 printer

We know now for many flatbed UV DTG and DTF printers, people are using L1800 / 1390 printers to model the modified printer, but the A3 model L1800 1390 print head unit price is going much higher than before, the market has lack of the print head always. At the same time, the A4 model L805 print head is very stable and with low cost. 

Are you upsetting by the high cost of the A3 L1800 and 1390 Epson print head? And you may want to a lower cost print head when you relplace the print head.

We know your request! The adapter board to convert A3 L1800/1390 print head to the A4 L805 print head NOW come to market by Neixo engineer teams. It is an innovational product!

Now you have a new choice you can use the A4 L805 Epson print head to install to your L1800 1390 Printer. By how? 

Convert L1800 head to L805 by Neixo Adapter

The adaptor board is straightforward to be installed on the A3 L1800 1390 print head, below is the video that shows how we use our adapter board to make a converter. We have a board set for you including the board, and cables.

1. See how the cable connects to the adapter board

2. Make the L805 print head connected to the adapter board

3. We install the board, the cable, and the print head to the carriage unit.

Adapter Board Convert A3 L1800/1390 Print Head to A4 L805/L805​
Play Video about Adapter Board Convert A3 L1800/1390 Print Head to A4 L805/L805​

Adavantage of Adaptor Board for Print Head L1800 Convert to L805

As we mentioned above, we know why we create this innovational adaptor board.

1. The Top 1 advantage is to reduce the cost, you do not need to purchase a high-cost A3 L1800 print head.

2. No need to change the original printer design, no modification and no destroy

3. You can use the L1800 print head again once you want to go back.

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