Best DTG Printer Under $5000
The Best DTG T Shirt Printing Machine

DTG Printer is Direct to Garment Printer which can do printing directly on the T-shirt surface without any template made in advance. And it does not have a limit on printing quantity as the screen printing process printer. We can start the printing job with even only 1 T Shirt directly.

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dtg printer under $5000

Our DTG Printer series is very cost-effective, we have a series DTG printer, A4 DTG printer which is lower than $999, A3 DTG Printer is lower than $1999, even our industry DTG Printer it will be lower than $5000.

DTG Printer Under $5000 for Sale
Small size T shirt printing machine

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New Technology DTF Printer

Not only DTG Printer can be done for T-shirt printing, now we have DTF Printer which is a much better choice for the low-cost T-shirt printing business. DTF Printer is the Direct to Film Printer that can print on film and support Roll Feeder for mass production printing!

VIDEO of Our DTG Printer Under $5000

A demo sample printing video for our DTG Printer Under $5000 and how our printer can do the printing on T-shirts very easily, and you will be able to do the printer job very easily like this.

dtg printer under $5000 video
Play Video about dtg printer under $5000 video

This is to show you the real printing demo of our DTG Printer which is only costs less than $5000. This is A3 DTG Printer, we provide full tutorials for the printing process for you to make the printing job easy.

DTG Printer Series for You

We have series DTG Printer for different size, cost, function for your choose

Neixo provide a series of phone case printer for you to suit your business, no matter small size A4 UV printer with low price for start up, medium series A3 UV printer for grow up explanation  business , even for high quality and speed request industrial series UV printer for mass production, you can find the suitable model.

a4 dtg printer

NX4320 A4 DTG Printer

Small Format DTG T shirt flatbed printer

a3 dtg printer

NX3220V A3 DTG Printer

The Most Cost-Effective DTG Printer

X3131UV A3+ Industry Printer

High Quality And Speed UV Printer

More DTG Printer Feature You Can Get

Below Photos for All Samples are Printed by Our Cell Phone Case Printer

We have been printing samples every day, all the samples shown on our website are printed by our UV flatbed printer. We sincerely wish that you can see the whole page below as you will know clearly about our phone case printer.

Best DTG Printer under $5000

The DTG T shirt printing machine for lower then $5000 is popular over the world.

White T Shirt DTG Printer

Directly print on a white T-shirt without any pre-treatment made.

Black T shirt Printing Machine

Support white ink printing on the black T shirt surface then print color for image directly.

Cheap DTG Printer for Cartoon

Cartoon T shirt Printing is very popular our DTG printer under $5000 can do it very easily.

Best DTG Printer for Small Butiness

For small business and start-up business our DTG printer is the best choice

All Color Best A3 DTG Printer

Not only white color ink our DTG printer can print on all of the color as it can print white background

Hoodies Printing Machine

Our DTG Printer can also print on Hoodies as this is also a very easy job by our cheap DTG printer.

Kid's DTG T Shirt Printing Machine

We have different T-shirt holders to suit different sizes of T-shirt like Kid and Children’s T-shirts.

Custom T Shirt Printing Machine

Custom T-shirt will become very easy by using our DTG flatbed printer under $5000

DTG Printer Under $5000

Below we will introduce our DTG Printer Under $5000 to you so you will know about our DTG Printer. 

What Our small size DTG Printer Under $5000 Can be used for ?

Neixo Small size DTG Printer Under $5000, which could be used to print your own designed logo, text or image on the T shirt directly without any pre treatment for white ink. It is easy to operate and maintain, The A3 model is very cost-effective, only lower than $1999, question for this printer, just feel free to contact us directly.

More customers are searching for DTG Printer Under $5000 for small printing businesses because it doesn’t need complicated operation steps. It is a new digital printing method to replace screen printing, heat transfer printing, or pad printing methods.

With our DTG Printer Under $5000, we can provide complete printing jobs for your printing business. We could print even only 1 piece of image or logo each time without making any template, also we could print different images or Logos in one-pass printing.
This is a very obvious advantage over another printing method when taking the way by DTG Printer Under $5000 material printing.

Video for the DTG Printing Mchine

dtg printer under $5000
Play Video about dtg printer under $5000

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Automatic Head Cleaning System

You will find that even our printer price is not over $1999, we also complete a very good function that can avoid head clogged, it is the Automatic Head Cleaning function. We make the head cleaning process run every 6 hours, we have the button of the function on/off on our touch screen control panel.
We can use the soft ink to print on TPU phone case as the TPU phone case is a soft material, you can use our TPU phone case printer to print soft UV ink, it will let the image stick well on the TPU phone case surface, when you bend the phone case, the image will not be split.
* All sample showed in our website are printed by our printer

Optional White Ink Mix System

Another function is the option function, the white ink mixing system, every hour it will process 10 minutes (might be change in future) IMPORTANT, as this is the optional choose system, please contact our sales if you want to have this when purchasing printer.
We can use the soft ink to print on TPU phone case as the TPU phone case is a soft material, you can use our TPU phone case printer to print soft UV ink, it will let the image stick well on the TPU phone case surface, when you bend the phone case, the image will not be split.

International Shipping Crate of DTG Printer

1.Delivery of the DTG Printer

We know you are concerned about the delivery protection, we send many packages by Express companies like DHL/FedEx/TNT Express, You can see we use the wooden crate to make protection even the DTG printer under $5000.
Package Type:International Wooden Crate
Dimension:Depends on Model
Net Weight:38KG-70KG (Depends on Model)
Gross Weight:40KG-90KG (Depends on Model)
UV Printer Packing

2.Final Testing Befor DTG Printer Sending Out

To All our printers, we have to do the final test before sending out, make sure our printer can be run in normal condition, even the DTG pritner under $5000, we will do all the necessary test. Video record will be made at this time too.

Customer Review Photo Of Our DTG Printer Under $5000

The printer normally would be sent by express services like DHL/FedEx/TNT, or sea freight, or as your request to send to your forwarder warehouse. When the DTG Printer Under $5000 arrived you would see the same packing as how we packed after testing.

Here are some Machine photos from our customers when they received our machine.

More Customer Review Photos

Neixo DTG Printer Under $5000 Advantage

As a Manufacturer with DTG flatbed printer, we have our own engineer team and 15 years DTG printing experience, So you would get our professional technical support once becoming our Customer.


1. Neixo DTG Printer Under $5000 Manufacturer

The photos are showing our production line including Raw material warehouse, assembling workshop, packing workshop, stock warehouse and our working teams.
We own the ability from developing to producing UV and DTG printer.
Welcome to visit our factory, showroom for checking our printer directly.
phone case printer delivery
phone case printer factory
delivery of phone case printer

Phone Case Printer Ready for Delivery

Worker Recording Material Seriously

Everyday Delivery of Printers

warehouse of phone case printer
checking of phone case printer
phone case printer customer visit
Carefully and Seriously  in Production

Worker Recording Material Seriously

Customer in Visiting to Neixo Factory
a4 uv phone case printer
delivery of phone case printer
phone case printer workers
Carefully and Seriously  in Production

Worker Recording Material Seriously

Customer in Visiting to Neixo Factory
2. Famous UV Printer Exhibitions

We also showed our DTG Printer Under $5000 printing in different digital UV printing field business and machine exhibition. Customer see in live printing processing in the trade show and all feel amazing about our printers.
trade show of phone case printer
uv printer show
exhibition of phone case uv printer
uv printer packing
a4 uv phone case printer

Service and Support - Engineer Technical Support

The most important thing about buying a printing machine from a manufacturer is the after-sales service. We have the step-by-step video, detailed tutorials in the video, and instructions on our A3 DTG Printer. Normally after getting through all tutorials videos, our customer will understand all the operating steps and know-how our printer works, also the setting of RIIP software, how to process the T-shirt image for printing, etc.
DTG Printer Under $5000 is a very good machine for DTG T shirt printing directly. Fast, Easy, Flexible are the advantage! Contact Us Now for It Now!

DTG Printer Under $5000: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is DTG Printer Under $5000 of Neixo

What the DTG Printer is? You may know it as the Direct to Garment Printer.  And why we need to know the price of the DTG printer is lower than $5000, because this is the price range for many small quantity printing businessmen need.
In the market, the DTG printer is very experiencing like 
1. Brother GTX printer which is almost 20,000.
This is a famous brand in the market but the price is very high, most customers can not afford it for small businesses and start-up businesses.
2. DTG G4 printer price is also about $20,000.
This is a top printer DTG brand in the market but the price is very high too, so it is not a choice of printer for the customer which is under $5000.
3. OmniPrint DTG Printer price is $10,000-15,000.
You can see this brand in the market, price is lower than above printer brand but it is still higher than $5000. 
4. Epson F21000 DTG printer pric is $12,000-$16,000.
Epson is a very famous brand, the DTG printer is using 7 channels, for 3 channel white ink, the price is also not friendly to small businesses.
Our NEIXO DTG printer A3 series or Industry Dual Head series price is lower and $2000 and $5000. You can choose the
a3 dtg printer under $5000

2. Start-up DTG T-Shirt Printing Businesses

The DTG Printer under $5000 is the best choice for the start-up T-shirt printing business, no matter our DTG A3 series or the Industrial printer, you can get a suitable printer for your first level entrance business printer. The A3 DTG printer can be $2000 but with full functionality. Printing speed might not be the fastest but it is the most cost-effectitive option.

3. DTG Printer for all Color

You will find that our all DTG printers series are supporting all color printing, as our DTG printer all have the function of white ink printing. So no matter what color you are going to print on, like dark color,  black color, or else, you can print the white ink as the background then print the color image. We have RIP software to support it, and we have full step-by-step tutorials for it. 

4. How does the DTG Printer Print Color Ink?

A question you may want to ask is, how does our DTG printer do the printing on the T-shirt? Actually, our DTG printer does the printing on T-shirts like printing the paper, just we use the DTG Textile ink to print on the garment, the ink will be a stick to the cotton. And the image will be completed on the T-shirt, which can not be washed out.

5. How our DTG Printer Under $5000 work

Here are the simple steps to tell how easy to make the printing on T shirt with neixo DTG Printer Under $5000

Step 1. Get or design the Logo/Image which you would like to print on the T shirt .
Step 2. Make the image in Photoshop/CorelDRAW/Adobe Illustrator
Step 3. Put the T shirt on the T shirt try of the DTG printer
Step 4. Start to print directly from computer and wait for finishing

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