Print Head for A3 UV DTG Printer L1800 1390

Print Head for A3 UV DTG Desktop Printer For Neixo A3 UV Printer, DTG Printer Series Descriptions: Epson Original Print Head Nozzle: 90 * 6 Support Color: CMYKLcLm / CMYKWW This is the original Epson print head L1800 which is usded for our A3 model Desktop UV and DTG Printer Since the print head is

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adapter board of DTG A3 L1800 printer to A4 print head

Adapter Board Convert L1800 1390 to L805 Print Head

Adapter Board Convert A3 L1800/1390 Print Head to A4 L805/L800 Model : NAC-BD-D3T4 Description: This is an adapter board Neixo designed and produced to convert the A3 L1800 print head to the A4 L805 print head for the Normal Epson Printer, Desktop UV printer, DTG Printer, and DTF Printer. Neixo – Original Designer and Producer

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