Digital UV printing on leather machine

UV Leather Printing Machine - Best Digital Photo Printing on Leather Solution

Leather is a material widely used in daily necessities such as handbags, shoes, wallets, clothes, laptop bags, furniture, and more. And there are several different printing methods used on leather, such as laser printing, pressure printing, UV printing, etc. The best solution is the UV digital printing on leather with leather printing machine.

NEIXO is a reputable Leather Printing Machine manufacturer with over 17 years of experience in the market. We specialize in digital printing on leather and faux leather, offering the ability to create personalized designs. 


How to Print on Leather by UV Digital Leahter Printing Machine

The print process for digital printing on the leather process is very easy with the UV leather printing machine. There will be only a few steps to complete the process and get the finished leather sheet for your purpose, you can even print the leather and faux leather at home. Now let’s see below steps and video for your reference. 

  • Prepare the lather sheet you are going to print on, surface shall be clear and flat, free from any dust. With UV printing, mostly we do not need to do pretreatment coating.
  • Prepare the desired design or artwork and photo which you would want to print on the leather by the UV digital leather printing machine according to the size of the leather
  • Fix the leather or faux leather sheet onto the UV leather printer tray, the location shall be correct as preparation
  • Directly process the UV printing job from the PC to drive the leather printing machine moving
  • UV LED ink will be cured directly and immediately after printing finish, the photo printing on leather process is finished.
how to print on leather by uv digital leather printer
Play Video about how to print on leather by uv digital leather printer

The Effects of Digtal Printing on Leather

UV Leather printing machine can provide several printing effect, formal color photo printing on leahter directly, white image, we can even use UV DTF process 

color effect leather printing

Full Color Ink – Digital full color photo and image printed on faux leahter directly

White Ink Only – Print white ink only on any color surface leather
white color uv printing on leather
embossed effect of uv printer on metal

3D Embossed – You will see after printed, the hollow image can get embossed effect

Application of the UV Leather Printing Machine

We have been printing samples for customers always as we are the 15 years PU faux leather printing machine manufacturer, what you can see n our website all the sample photos are showing real printed samples by our flatbed printer.

Leather Printing Machine​​

Printed Leather Sheet

No matter for real leather, faux or PU leather sheet, our small format leather printing machine can directly print on surface.

leather bag printing

Digital Leather Bag Printing

Small leather bag custom printing by leather printing machine will be no longer an issue

leather logo keychain printing

Company Logo Keychain​

Leather keychain digital UV printing finished in mass production by our leather UV printer

leather wallet digital uv printing

Digital Leather Wallets Printing​

Leather wallet have been popular in the world, printing any text or logo on the leather is good business

Custom Design Leather Tags​

Custom Design Leather Tags​

Leather Tag custom printin any artwork and image, even photos on surface by digital UV printig process

Leather sheet Printing with UV printer​​

Leather sheet Printing

The most popular printing reqeust is the leather sheet printing before it making to the finished product

Choosing Right UV Leather Printing Mchine

Depending on what you need, you can find we have a series of digital UV leather printing machines according to your request. Not only for size but also for small business printing, you can choose as per printing feature, leather printing speed, and vacuum platform support. You will be able to choose one for your business

Leather Printing Machine Beneficate​

Why NEIXO flatbed printer is the best choice for you? What our leather printing machine advantage to make your leather printing business better and easier. Below we will let you know the answer.

High Quality Printing Effect​​

High Quality Printing Effect​

If you are purchase the Industry class version of our leather printing machine, it can get very high quality printing effect. With the leather printing machine, you will be able to get color leather printed, like blue, black, yellow, red leather, etc.

You can complete almost all color leather print jobs.

Digital Printing Any Photo on Leather​​

Digital Printing Any Photo on Leather​

Because our small size UV flatbed printer is a kind of digital printing machine, we can print images directly from the PC image and picture. It is easy to do any image printing.

You will be able to make any shape and color image digital printing on leather

No Any MOQ Request for leather printing

No Any MOQ Request on Production

Do you want to print on leather items without any minimum quantity request? With the leather printing machine, we can do this job easily. 

You can get any quantity order from you customer. 

Various Shape Real Leather Faux PU​​

Various Shape Real Leather Faux PU​

You can print any shape like heart shape leather, rectangle shape leather, square shape leather piece, keychains, tags, etc.

Al long as a flat surface, our leather printing machine will be able to print on. 

Soft Leather Printing Support​​

Soft Leather Printing Support​

The UV ink for the leather printing will be the soft UV led ink which will allow the leather to bend and fold easily and the ink will not off. 

See detail when we bend the leather printed sample 

Your Reliable Leather Printing Machine Manufacturer​

NEIXO leather printing machine can do different printing effects on the various leather, PU, Faux material surfaces.  We are going to tell you what is the advantage of our flatbed printer as a digital leather printing machine, and trust that you will feel amazing with our flatbed printer.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Of UV Leather Printing Machine

The reason you will not need to worry about the maintenance and troubleshooting is that you purchase the UV leather printing machine from an original UV printer manufacturer, Because the manufacturer is the producer of the UV printer, they know well the machine swhich are designed by their engineer and produced from their production line

uv leather printing machine manufacturer

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