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2023 Time come to 2023, we have been 17 years in the market of flatbed printer manufacturing. Industrial series flatbed printer come to the market for providing a large range of small size flatbed printer to customer and market request. The new technology come out for more printing solutions. Like printing the varnish ink, metallic foil golden and silver effect, sticker of UV DTG improved. Our heart did not change for long time in the the realm, to provide stable quality and good price machine to customers over the world.


2021 NEIXO keeps moving after 15 years of development. We always put customers in the first place, what customers request and what customer experience are all that we are concerned about. We have 3000+ square meter factory as we add a production line to satisfy the large request of the flatbed printer over the world. The DTF T-shirt flatbed printing machine and the DTF UV flatbed printing machine are the new technology printer. The dual-head UV printer and the dual-head DTF printer are being developed according to the customer’s request. We will keep moving and moving fast to provide the best flatbed printer products for customers in the future.


2019 After an explanation of the workshop, we are in over a 2000 square meter factory, the production line covers the UV printer, DTG printer, and Food printer. New industrial model X series X3131UV flatbed printer come out and at the same time, X3132DTG double print head version flatbed printer comes out too for 3360 printing size, the A3 size printer complete upgrade to NX3220UV and NX3220DTG. Also with bottle printing, we have NX3230UV, the X3131UV, and X3132UV will also support the bottle printing. The whole small UV printing series is complete.


2017 Upgrade model of UV printer coming very popular, the whole market is a lot of customers buying our UV flatbed printer series. The NX4310UV and NX3120UV come out for much stable UV printer request. Due to the high request, we move to a much large factory and expand the place for more order production. We also have updated the DTG model for the NX3120DTG flatbed printer.


2015 UV model flatbed printer production line has been created. New model A4 UV printer NX4210UV and A3 UV Printer NX3110UV production line are set up for mass production. UV printer using the upgraded water circle cooling system which is a high grade and effective cooling system than the wind-cooling system. Still coming with the high cost-effective property and competitive price, our printer has been popular and welcomed by all customers all over the world.


2014 Move to a larger factory due to the large market demand, the customer will need printers very quickly and due to this reason, a larger place of the factory is for stock, the warehouse. In this year the NX3310 A3 flatbed printer was finished and ready for market, based on 8 colors DX5 print head flatbed printer, welcome for many DTG buyers for white ink printing.

2013 Upgrade the current version of NX4110, a new version with high completeness flatbed printer NX4118 come out, very stable quality, electrical moving flatbed, and height adjusting knob. In the same year, an A3 model comes out, NX3110 A3 size 6 color flatbed printer with electrical moving flatbed and height adjusting knob. From this year, the factory decides to start its own foreign business. With the rapid development, it needs a larger workshop for different models and movements to make a workshop become a real factory.

2011 After one year of production experience of the A4 flatbed printer, the new generation innovative printer NX4110 the first version has been produced. 6 color flatbed printer, support the white ink printing by RIP software, for better printing quality and faster printing speed with much better control, self-cleaning process, printer control like using a normal printer.

2009 The first A4 four-color flatbed printer NX4010 was produced based on M3500, this is the sign for the new development of the factory, from the ceramic printer to the multi-functional flatbed printer. When the printer comes out, it was extremely popular in the printing market around the near area with its low cost, stable quality, and easy operation.

2007 A small workshop of the flatbed printer has been set up in a small house for the ceramic flatbed printer by Founder Mr. Hugo. The first version of the ceramic flatbed printer is created in this workshop based on HP 4 color printer and start to sell to the market near this city. The ceramic flatbed printer is specially used for ceramic powder with high temperatures.

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