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DTG Printer Digital Direct to Garment Printing Machine
Date:2020-10-24 09:36
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DTG Printer – X3050DTG Flatbed Printer

DTG printer is Direct to Garment printer that for T shirt printing directly. Our Neixo DTG Printer is the most cost-effective DTG printer model. The below X3050DTG DTG printer is DTG printer industry class version DTG T shirt printing machine. Neixo is manufacturer has been in flatbed printer field including DTG printer design and producing for more than 13+ years. We also have A3 DTG printer, A4 DTG printer series.

DTG Printer
Print Size: 330x550mm
Print Height: 0-180mm adjustable
Product Dimension: 820x740x620mm
Package Dimension: 970x830x800mm
Net/Gross Weight: 70KG / 90KG

Welcome any inquiry, please do not hesitate to tell us your country to calculate the shipping cost.

If you would like to start your DTG printing business and would like to purchase a DTG printer, please see all through below, so you will know and understand which DTG printer is suitable for you and how DTG printer works, also know about our Neixo DTG printer series advantage.


dtg printer

DTG Printer - X3050DTG T shirt Flatbed Printing Machine

a3 dtg printer

1 . Height automatically adjusting - Easy operate
2 . Dual head industry model - Full white ink on one individual print head
3 . CMYK+WWWWWW fast print speed - White ink full channel
4 . Flexible reloadable T shirt holder - faster your reloading time in production
5 . Self-cleaning system - avoid clogging on the white ink
6 . High DTG printing speed 5 time then normal A3 model DTG printer
Neixo is a brand which has been in DTG printer T shirt printer for 10+ years. We provide the DTG printer with professional support. We design and produce DTG T shirt printer in our own workshop by our engineer team. Purchase DTG printer from us, get excellent technical support.

DTG Printer Gallery

Our DTG digital printer with strong metal cover and support, can provide stable DTG printing machine quality for every print job.

T shirt printer
black T shirt dtg printer
dtg printer
T shirt printing machine

DTG Printer Data Table

Print Head: Epson XP600 x 2
Print Size: 330*500mm
Print Height: 0-85mm
Ink Supply System: Damper CISS
System Require: WIN7 / WIN10
Height Adjustment: Electronic automatically
Working Environment: 25-30C, 50%, Dust free
Type: DTG Printer
Color Channel: CMYK+6W
Support Print Process: White & Color Same Time
Support Ink: DTG textile ink
Interface: USB2.0
Print Software: RIP software
Power: AC 110/220V, 50Hz/60Hz

Detail of our DTG Flatbed Printer

dual head dtg printer
Dual Print Head for high speed printing, one of DTG printer need is the speed, we use dual head solution to make one head in full white ink for large white ink printing out to cover any color T shirt
fast speed dtg printer
Flexible reloadable T shirt holder, this is a different design created by our engineer team, compare to fixed T shirt holder for other DTG printer, we can reload the T shirt very fast during DTG printing production.
new DTG printer
Full electric height adjusting with infrared automatically adjusting function for DTG printing before printing. It will be a very easy way to control the printer to suit different T shirt.

DTG Printer video demo

We are real DTG printer manufacturer, we test our flatbed printer in our workshop, and we do the sample print for customer who would like to purchase DTG printer always. Below we will show the printing demo video of our X3350DTG flatbed printer.

White ink and white ink circulating system of NEIXO DTG printer

White Ink Usage of DTG Printer

White ink is very important for DTG printing business. Why do you need the white ink because when you print the image and your design on the T shirt which is not white T shirt, the color will be change like what we can image, blue color ink on yellow color T shirt, the color will become green. How we avoid this happen we will need to print a layer of White ink, it is important for DTG printer as white ink can be the background white on any color T shirt, then we can print color correctly.

A3 DTG Printer
cheap DTG Printer

NEIXO SCCS - Self-Circulating and Cleaning System

NEIXO SCCS is an innovational system only for our industry series DTG printer. How we use it? Like what we mentioned above we need the white ink for DTG printer, and white ink is easy to settle down, we need to keep it running when we stop printing. So, we can turn on the SCCS to keep the DTG printer white ink flowing, and we fix time to make it do head cleaning to keep the head moisture.
white ink dtg printer

DTG Printer Print Sample Photo

As the real factory, we have been printing samples for our customers every day. We make DTG printer printing video time to time and show how our DTG printer works, also the print quality. You can send us your design image to print out and we will print it for you also can make the sample print video on our website for your reference.

DTG T shirt Printing Fast speed dtg printer
dtg flatbed printer flatbed printer dtg
direct to garment printer dtg printing machine
high speedn dtg printer dtg printer
More DTG Printer Sample Video Please Click Here

DTG Printer X3350DTG Packing Size and Weight

Package Type: International Wooden Carton
Package Dimension: 97x83x80cm
Net Weight: 70KG
Gross Weight: 90KG
dtg printer delivery

1.Delivery for NEIXO DTG Printer

We have been sending a large number of DTG printers to many countries over the world more than 8 years with experienced packaging method during these years. International Wooden Carton will protect the DTG printer all the way during delivery, with buffer inside around the DTG printing machine, our package can be sent by Couriers like DHL/FedEx/TNT, also can make in sea freight shipment. From factory to your hand, door to door delivery, it could be the enormous distance, we know the best packaging to ensure transportation safety.

2. Testing of our DTG printer before sending

To all our printer we will do the quality control during every step during production, also we will have a process of final test before printer sending out. We will make video record during final testing and we will make label on the DTG printer to record and put film over the printer for protecting after testing.

dtg printer malaysia
dtg printer uk
dtg printer usa

3. Some photos of our DTG printer When arrive to our customer

The package will be sent according to you request by courier like DHL/FedEx/TNT, sea freight or send to your forwarder agent warehouse. When our printer arrives to you, you can see same exactly how we packed after our final testing. Below we have some our DTG printer photos which are sent to us by our customer when they got it.

cheap dtg printer for sale affordable dtg printer
direct to garment printer epson DTG Printer manufacturer
dtg printer price epson dtg printer
t shirt printing machine for sale best t shirt printing machine

Some feedback from our DTG printer customers

Good feedback of our customer after purchasing our DTG printer. They are all having good business sing our printer and we have the honorable feedback from them. Below are some REAL feedbacks from our customer.
Jeska T**s - United States
wonderful printer. works well. everyone had been extra helpful through process of our purchase as well as setup and such. highly recommend. it is easy to operate and lrpducra high quality prints. will be orsering more soon. special thanks to Teresa & Sean for going above & beyond in assuring me throughout the entire process. They are woderful and very appreciated.
Salim M**h - United Kingdom
The product arrived in good condition. Packaging is very well prepared. The printer is well made and works perfectly. Easy to use it and changing the inks are quick and trouble free. Their supports with email are first and excellent. If I follow their advice then I believe the machine will give me many years of trouble-free service.
Issy Z**i - Australia
After looking at ddg machine for some time I decide to take the risk. I have to say I was surprised the communication was fast (even Sunday). All my question answered and for 2k machine... It's work very well. If you want to try DTG printing and not spend 20k that's a highly recommend machine. Just one last comment not the fastest machine on the planet but ...For 2 K I cannot complain Issy
Brian P**s - United States
They really worked with me on getting this shipped. They were quick to reply to questions and ship ped it as soon as possible. They have a lot of how-to videos. that is great.

All Models of Our Series DTG Printer

A4 DTG Printer
A4 DTG printer
A4 Size with economy version
Click to See Detail
A3 DTG Printer
A3 DTG Printer
A3 Size most popular for start
Click to See Detail
Fast Speend T shirt Printer
dtg printer
Industry version for fast speed
Click to See Detail

Why Neixo? Neixo DTG Printer Advantage

We are the Original Manufacturer, with professional DTG printer engineer team and 14+ years DTG printing experience, can provide professional service and technical support to you some people want cheap DTG printer, and would like to find some DTG printer supplier to get cheap DTG printer for sale. Please one thing you need to know about that, a very cheap DTG printer is very dangerous, as some what we mentioned above as some reseller will use secondhand printer machine to refurbish and make a now over on, then sell as new printer. The cost is very low the quality is not stable.

Neixo is original manufacturer, we never provide secondhand DTG printer to you as the honorable customer. Even our printer you may saw is a kind of cheap DTG printer or affordable DTG printer but it just because we are original manufacturer, we can control the cost and can directly sell as the factory DTG printer price.

1. Neixo DTG Printer Factory

A real manufacturer will have production line, workshop, material warehouse, packing department, warehouse, workers team. We have all process for producing DTG printer in our own service. We welcome customers come and visit our sample room for seeing our printer in person. 

DTG Printer manufacturer DTG Printer factory
DTG Printer brand cheap dtg printer
cheap dtg printer for sales cheap dtg printer for sale
cheap dtg printer cheap dtg printer manufacturer

2. Famous UV and DTG Exhibitions

We also put our DTG printer in digital DTG printing field business and machine trade show and exhibition for showing our DTG printer to protentional customer. People see in real printing job in the trade show and were all feel amazing about our DTG printer.

dtg printer cheap dtg printer for sale
dtg printer for sale cheap dtg printer for sale

3. Service of DTG printer – Factory Engineer Technical Support

One of the most important advantage of buying from original manufacturer is the after sales service. We provide the step by step, very detailed tutorials in video of our DTG printer. After seeing all our video tutorials, you can be easy to understand how our DTG printer work and the setting of software, how to make the T shirt image for printing etc.

dtg printer tutorials
dtg printer video
dtg printer support

How to Select Neixo DTG Printer

About DTG Printer price
You can find different DTG printer price in our website, we have different series DTG printer, what are the difference of them and why are the price different?

1. Print Size difference. We have A4, A3, A3+ printer, different size DTG printer will have different cost, this is one of the main factors about the difference of DTG printer price. Welcome to contact us now

2. Structure and Design. Mainly two kind of version, one is Desktop version DTG printer, another is Industry version DTG printer.

1) The Desktop version DTG printer is normally modified from original Epson printer. Like our A4 DTG printer is made from Epson L805 and A3 DTG printer is made from Epson L1800, (Epson 1390 is discontinued since 2018, so if you found desktop version DTG printer is using Epson 1390 printer body in the market, it must be a secondhand printer.

Neixo only provide bright new DTG printer). Our desktop DTG printer body part is original Epson printer body and install onto the platform which is designed by our professional engineer team. It is good DTG printer for small business. Welcome to contact us for our Desktop DTG printer.

2) The Industry version DTG printer is design and produced by our factory, and only the print head is from Epson head. Industry DTG printer is using industry parts like CNC aluminum carriage unit, stainless steel square shift and bear, high load CR motor, with our own motherboard for controlling and printing. Printing speed is much faster, print quality is much stable.

Our Neixo Industry version DTG printer is a good version DTG printer as it can satisfy most of needs of DTG printing business. If you want to know more about our Industry DTG Printer please contact us.

a3 dtg printer
fast dtg printer

Which one you shall choose, Neixo Desktop DTG printer or Industry DTG printer?

If you are small business, or the startup business, small customized business company, would like to find some cheap DTG printer for sales, we recommend the Desktop DTG printer as it comes with a very reasonable price as the affordable DTG printer, it can make a very detailed print job. Many of our customers they use our DTG printer for the business starts, they have good design for their customer or receive the customer design and print directly even with small quantity like 1 piece. When the business grows, they will consider our Industry DTG printer.

If you are having more business, and need fast printing speed, the Industry DTG printer will be the choice. Another advantage of our Industry DTG printer is about the white ink for dark T shirt printing, Dual print head printer can make an individual print head for full white ink, the print speed of the white ink will be much faster than the Desktop version. It is a kind of advance machine, so we recommend that if you have enough budget.

More Knowledge About DTG Printer

DTG Textile ink

DTG Direct to Garment Ink is important for the printing quality, some famous brand in the market like Dupont are popular. DTG ink can make the image color vivid and nice, color is bright, so our T shirt looks more better. For every DTG printing business we will all have to know well about the ink, like how many seconds for heat pressing etc.

How does the DTG printer works? Print process of DTG printing

DTG printer is DTG digital printer. You may know that the DTG printing process is to directly print the image on the T shirt. It can print like using an Epson printer.

First of course we will need a Neixo DTG printer and DTG ink, a PC, and we will need the heat pressing machine. Only need these parts we will be able to complete the printing job.

1. Get the design image ready in the PC and input to the RIP software to be ready to print.
2. What you are going to do now is to get the T shirt and put on the heat pressing machine with 160 Celsius degree, and heat press for around 10 seconds to let the T shirt become flat totally.
3. We put on our DTG printer directly and ready to print. And now we only need to press the PRINT in the RIP software the print will be complete.

Contact us right now for purchasing Neixo DTG Printer, we will have step by step detailed tutorials about how to print the T shirt by our DTG printer.

DTG Printer printing VS Screen Printing

Screen printing will need to make a woven screen, some called mesh stencil, for each image/element you of your design. And will need to make the ink lays on the T shirt. You need to make at least 4 woven screen (CMYK) ink and apply the color ink layer by layer on the to T shirt., as more layer as thicker on the T shirt. If you only want to have one T shirt with your design image, it will cost much time. Screen printing is suitable to large quantity same design printing business.

Compare to screen printing, the DTG printing process will not need to make the woven screen. You can use our Neixo DTG printer directly print your design on the T shirt like printing onto a paper. It does not have any limit on quantity, even one T shirt you would like to print you can use DTG printer to print directly. We have been providing DTG printer form more than 7 years to foreign customers, some of our customers were using the screen printing method, and they learn that the DTG printer is much convenience for small customized business. To they start to purchase the DTG printer from us for flexible printing business, from our DTG printer customer’s feedback, the DTG printing method can complete their 70% business. Only very large quantity same design image printing business will need screen printing method.
DTG Printer printing VS Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfer printing will require to print the image on the Transfer paper (vinyl), then use the heat press machine to transfer the printing on the T shirt. It is not very durable for washing and mostly working good in White color T shirt. While printing on Black / dark color T shirt, Heat transfer must stick the printed Vinyl on the shirt because there is no white color sublimation ink could be printed as a base layer. So, the final feeling will be hard and not soft as the DTG printing.

Comparing with heat transfer printing, Neixo DTG printer could print no matter on white and dark/black T shirt directly without vinyl or other medium. The final printing will be much durable for washing than heat transfer printing. DTG printer could print very vivid and full colorful image and it would bring high quality printing and great hand feeling. The most important is DTG printer could print on black/Dark T shirt with very good breathable feeling better than with a vinyl sticking on the shirt. Most of our customer is increasing their business with using DTG printer to do much more high-quality T shirt printing. Heat transfer is mostly for their cheaper printing business.

Neixo DTG Printer – Direct to Garment

We do not need to do any woven screen, do not need any vinyl we only need one DTG printing machine, then put T shirt directly on the printer. We have our image in our PC, start to print! Finish printing means the T shirt complete.

Neixo DTG Printer – Your Good Choice for DTG Printing Business

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