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Cheap DTG Printer - Cost-Effective Low Price T shirt Printing Machine
Date:2020-12-30 15:52
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Cheap DTG Printer - Cost-Effective Low Price T shirt Printing Machine

Cheap DTG Printer with full function. For small business or startup business of T shirt printing, entry-level or an experienced, you may need an our DTD printer, for small T shirt printing business, hoodies printing business, for home use. Small DTG Printer is best DTG printer for small business. It can be A3 DTG Printer or A4 DTG Printer coming with a very good price even dtg printer under $1000, which are really affordable for most people.


Cheap DTG Printer

Cheap DTG Printer for Sale

Different size DTG Printer or series (desktop / industrial class) printer for our DTG Printer series.

There are different specification and functions, also the different DTG Printer price

Get the Latest Price for different model




----------------------------------------------Part 1 Video----------------------------------------------


Cheap DTG Printer Video Demo

Viewing the video of our Cheap DTG Printer, you can see our A3 DTG Printer based on Epson printer, which is the most cost effective model and most of our customer who would like to have an checp dtg printer purchased since 2013 we push out to market. The operation is very simple and easy, we have full tutorials of our A3 DTG Printer.

Most Cost-effective Cheap DTG Printer

DTG Printer Under $5000

Most Cost-effective DTG Printer

The shirt is printed by our most cost-effective model Most Cost-effective Cheap DTG Printer. The model can do CMYK + W printing. With full function T shirt printing process,

The model completed with Auto-Cleaning system and Auto Ink MIxing System.

To know more about our printer please Click Here
----------------------------------------------Part 2 Article----------------------------------------------


Neixo A3 DTG T shirt Printer - The best Cheap DTG Printer for you

We are original manufacturer of DTG Printer, we have large price range of DTG printer. Our A3 DTG Printer is one of the cost-effective DTG Printer which is affordable for many customer, you can see this as the Cheap DTG Printer

Cheap DTG Printer
dtg printer
t shirt printing machine
* All sample showed in our website are printed by our printer

White Ink Supported by our A3 Cheap DTG Printer

White ink support is one of most important function as a DTG Printer, our A3 DTG Printer can support the white ink printing surely even it is cheap price Cheap DTG Printer. It based on Epson original printer, so some time it can be consider as an Epson DTG Printer, the CMYKLcLm 6 channel can be changed to be CMYKWW solution so we can get 2 white ink channel and normally color CMYK channel for white + color printing.

dtg Printer
a3 dtg printer
t shirt printer
* All sample showed in our website are printed by our printer

Automatic Head Cleaning System of our Cheap DTG Printer

You must know that print head health is a very important part, as it relate to the life of the print head which is a consumable part. In this price range of DTG printer under $5000, our A3 DTG Printer have a very good function which many low price Cheap DTG Printer does not have, it is the Automatic Head Cleaning function.

We can set time to make the printer to run the original Epson head cleaning process, for example to run it 3 times a day or 2 times a day. You may think this is unbelievable this function comes with an DTG Printer lower than $2000, but it is true, purchase our A3 DTG Printer you will see this function in our touch screen control panel.

a3 t shirt printer
dtg printer

* All sample showed in our website are printed by our printer

Optional White Ink Mix System

Another function you will really love is the white ink mixing system, since all you know that the white DTG Textile ink have titan powder which will be easy to be settle, we understand well this as we are original DTG manufacturer. The white ink mixing system come out completed with our A3 Cheap DTG Printer, to make our printer much cost effective. The system is to make the white ink stirred in the ink bottle always, to keep the ink moved not settle down, so to keep it in a very good flowing situation. IMPORTANT, this is the optional system, if you would like to have this function when you purchased our printer, please talk to our sales team.

DTG Printer
dtg printer

* All sample showed in our website are printed by our printer

What our Cheap DTG Printer can do?

Like a normal DTG Printer does, our A3 DTG Printer can directly print any image onto the T shirt by DTG Textile ink. It is digital T shirt printing machine, from above video you may already seen how our T shirt Printer works.

dtg Printer
dtg a3 t shirt printer
t shirt printing machine
* All sample showed in our website are printed by our printer

How our Cheap DTG Printer work

Step 1. Prepare the image you would like to print on the T shirt.
Step 2. Put the prepared T shirt on our T shirt holder and ready to print
Step 3. Print the image from PC and the printer run the print process
Step 4. Print finish, heat press to dry the Textile DTG ink

Price of our A3 DTG Printer

how much does a t shirt printing machine cost, this is the question you may ask when you would like to have an Cheap DTG Printer. Actually, the current model A3 DTG Printer of our DTG Printer series, the price is under $2000. To get the last price please just feel free to contact us, you can tell us your country to get the shipping cost too.

t shirt Printer
A3 dtg printer
dtg printing machine
* All sample showed in our website are printed by our printer

----------------------------------------------Part 3 Printers----------------------------------------------


Recommendation of Our Cheap DTG Printer

We have a series UV / DTG flabed printer, depends on your reqeust we have different recommendation of our Cheap DTG Printer. Different printing format Printer could be used like A4 UV Desktop Printer , A3 UV Desktop Printer, A3+ UV Industrial Grade UV Printer.

A4 DTG Printer
A4 DTG printer
A4 Size with economy version
Click to See Detail
A3 DTG Printer
A3 DTG Printer
A3 Size most popular for start
Click to See Detail
Fast Speend T shirt Printer
dtg printer
Industry version for fast speed
Click to See Detail

Cheap DTG Printer Specification

Print Head: Epson L1800
Print Size: 280*450mm(UV)
Print Height: 0-85mm
Ink Supply System: Damper CISS
System Require: WIN7 / WIN10
Height Adjustment: Electronic automatically
Working Environment: 25-30C, 50%, Dust free
Type: DTG Flatbed Printer
Color Channel: CMYK+2W
Support Print Process: White Ink Decrease
Support Ink: DTG Textile Ink
Interface: USB Cable
Print Software: RIP software
Power: AC 110/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Above specification is for our A3 model Desktop small DTG printer, if you would like other printing size DTG printer welcome to contact us for more detail.

----------------------------------------------Part 4 Packing----------------------------------------------


Packing Size and Weight of Cheap DTG Printer

Package Type: International Wooden Crate
Dimension: Depends on Model
Net Weight: 38KG-80KG (Depends on Model)
Gross Weight: 40KG-90KG (Depends on Model)
Cheap DTG Printer Packing

1.Delivery of the Cheap DTG Printer

We know you are concerning about the protection of the printer during deliveyr, we understand it well so we put strong wooden crate packing with buffer inside for delivery. We have many years experience on world delivery we understand packing is importnat.

2.Final Testing of our Printer before shipping out

To our printer before sending out, we have final testing process, all we will have record video before sending out, you can see the photos and the video before sending out in our website..

Cheap DTG Printer for sale
Cheap DTG Printer Machine UK
Cheap DTG Printer USA

Feedback Photos of Cheap DTG Printer

The printers usually are sent by express company like DHL/FedEx/TNT, or sea freight, or send to your forwarder warehouse. When the Cheap DTG Printer arrived, you will see some photo like below which are provided to us by our customer.
Here are some Machine photos from our customer when they received our machine.

Cheap Cheap DTG Printer low price Cheap DTG Printer
desktop Cheap DTG Printer Cheap DTG Printer for Logo
Cheap DTG Printer Price Inkjet Cheap DTG Printer
Cheap DTG Printer for Sale low cost XX
More Customer Review Photos

----------------------------------------------Part 5 Factory and advantage----------------------------------------------


Neixo Cheap DTG Printer Advantage

As the original manufacturef of our DTG printer, we have 15 years DTG printing experience, So you would get our professional factory support once becoming our Customer.

1. Neixo Cheap DTG Printer Manufacturer

All photos below are our real factory corner. We have the ability from developing to producing UV and DTG printer. Welcome to visit our factory any time, our showroom for checking our printer directly.

Cheap DTG Printer Cheap DTG Printer  manufacturer
Cheap DTG Printer for sale cheap Cheap DTG Printer
Cheap DTG Printer cheap Cheap DTG Printer for sale
desktop Cheap DTG Printer Cheap DTG Printer factory
More Factory Photos

2. Famous DTG Printer Exhibitions

We showed our Cheap DTG Printer printing in different digital DTG printing field business and machine exhibition. Customer see in live printing processing in the trade show and all feel amazing about our printers.

Cheap DTG Printer printer cheap Cheap DTG Printer
Cheap DTG Printer Cheap DTG Printer machine

----------------------------------------------Part 6 Service ----------------------------------------------


Service of Cheap DTG Printer - Factory Engineer Technical Support

The most important part about buying the printer from original manufacturer is the sales service

We keep updating our tutorial videos, the step by step, very detailed instructions in video of Cheap DTG Printer, like A3 DTG Printer, A4 DTG Printer. After seeing all our instruction, you would understand how our printer working and how to make setting of software, Also how to make the image ready for  printing etc.

print on Cheap DTG Printer
Cheap DTG Printer printing tutorials
Cheap DTG Printer print tutorials video

Cheap DTG Printer is a good choice on starting a business of DTG printing, you do not need to ask how much does a T shirt printer machine cost, as out printer cost is low.

Cheap DTG Printer is a very good machine for printing directly. Easy and Flexible are the advantage! Contact Us Now for It Now!


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