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DTG printer under $2000
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Small Size DTG Printer Under $2000

Our DTG Printer series is very economic and effective.In our DTG series there are A4 DTG printer which is lower than $1000, A3 DTG Printer is lower than $2000, and our industry grade DTG Printer it will be lower that $5000.

DTG Printer Under $2000

A3 DTG Printer Under $2000 for Sale

Auto-Cleaning System  -- To avoid head clogging
2 White Ink Support -- For Dark T shirt Printing
3 White Ink Mixing System -- To avoid white ink settle down
4 T shirt holder Reloadable -- Support fast reload and Kid T shirt

A3 DTG Printer $1850 (Tell us country to get shipping cost)




----------------------------------------------Part 1 Video----------------------------------------------


DTG Printer Under $2000 Video Demo

A demo sample printing video for our DTG Printer Under $2000 to show how easily to do the printing on T shirt with our printing machine, and you could do the similar printing job quite as per our instruction

Best and Cost-effective A3 DTG T Shirt Printer

DTG Printer Under $2000

A3 DTG T shirt Printing machine

This T shirt is printed with our A3 model DTG T shirt printing machine. It could print CMYK in full colors on white T shirt and CMYK+WW color on the black/dark color T shirt

We install the Auto-Cleaning system in this model and there is the Automatic white Ink stirring System for optional.

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----------------------------------------------Part 2 Article----------------------------------------------


DTG Printer Under $2000

Below we will introduce our DTG Printer Under $2000 to you ,then you will know more about our DTG Printer. 

What can be printed with Our small size DTG Printer Under $2000 ?

We could use Neixo Small size DTG Printer Under $2000 to print our own designed logo, text or image on the white T shirt directly without any pretreatment . It is very easy to operate and maintain. At the same time , our A3 size DTG printer could print white ink on black and dark color T shirt as background and then print color ink on the white ink .If you want to get a quotation for this printer, just feel free to contact us directly.

DTG Printer Under $2000
dtg printer
DTG Printer Under $2000
* All sample showed in our website are printed by our printer


Advantage of DTG Printer Under $2000

More and more customers would like to use and look for the small size DTG Printer Under $2000 for their small or DIY printing business because it doesn't need complicated operation steps and doesn't need the very professional knowledge in DTG printing. It is a new digital printing way as the replacement of screen printing, heat transfer printing way .

With Our DTG Printing machine Under $2000 , we could even print only one piece of T shirt without any template , this is very big advantage of this small dtg printing machine. When you own one of this machine, you could make your own beautiful logo or image by photoshop or just download the image from website ,and then print it on the T shirt , that would be your own designed T shirt not the ones from mass producing . And the dtg printing will give very breathable feeling when wearing your shirt .
These are very obvious advantages comparing with the other printing methods while using the DTG Printer Under $2000 for printing business .

DTG Printer Under $2000
dtg printer printer
DTG Printer Under $2000
* All sample showed in our website are printed by our printer

A very important function from neixo DTG Printer Under $2000 printing is that it has the automatic Head cleaning system. It will run head cleaning processing every few hours to avoid the head clogging problem. If you get our white ink stirring device , it will be very helpful to prevent the white ink from clogging the head and make the maintainance much easy.

Another advantage for using Neixo DTG Printer Under $2000 is the printer cost is very cheap, customer could use the printer for their starting business direclty with very low price .
DTG Printer Under $2000
wood uv printer
DTG Printer Under $2000
* All sample showed in our website are printed by our printer

How our DTG Printer Under $2000 print on a shirt

Here are some simple steps to tell how to make the printing On T shirt easily with neixo DTG Printer Under $2000

Step 1. Get or design the Logo/Image which you would like to print on the T shirt .
Step 2. Revised the image in Photoshop/CorelDRAW/Adobe Illustrator
Step 3. Laid a T shirt on the T shirt Holder fixed on the DTG printer
Step 4. Start to print directly from RIP printing software and wait for finishing
Step 5. Make the heat press on the shirt

----------------------------------------------Part 3 Printers----------------------------------------------


Different Printing size of Our DTG Printer Under $2000 printing

There are different printing format DTG Printer Under $2000 could be used as printing on wood material, like A4 UV Desktop wood Printer , A3 UV Desktop wood Printer, A3+ UV Industrial Grade uv printer for wood printing.

A4 DTG Printer
A4 Size with economy version
Click to See Detail
A3 DTG Printer
A3 DTG Printer
A3 Size most popular for start
Click to See Detail
Fast Speend T shirt Printer
dtg printer
Industry version for fast speed
Click to See Detail

DTG Printer Under $2000 Specification

Print Head: Epson L1800
Print Size: 280*450mm(UV)
Print Height: 0-85mm
Ink Supply System: Damper CISS
System Require: WIN7 / WIN10
Height Adjustment: Electronic automatically
Working Environment: 25-30C, 50%, Dust free
Type: DTG Printer
Color Channel: CMYK+2W
Support Print Process: White Ink Decrease
Support Ink: UV Led Ink
Interface: USB Cable
Print Software: RIP software
Power: AC 110/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Above specification is for our Desktop Grade model of small DTG printer, if you would like other printing size printer welcome to contact us for more detail.

----------------------------------------------Part 4 Packing----------------------------------------------


Packing Size and Weight of DTG Printer Under $2000

Package Type: International Wooden Crate
Dimension: Depends on Model
Net Weight: 38KG-70KG (Depends on Model)
Gross Weight: 40KG-90KG (Depends on Model)
dtg printer delivery

1.Delivery of the DTG Printer Under $2000

We deliver so Many sets of machine shipped by Express companies like DHL/FedEx/TNT Express, Packed in very strong wooden box to make sure there is no problem during long distance delivery.

2.Final Testing of our DTG Printer before shipping out

To All our printers, we have to do the final test before ship it out, make sure our printer run in normal condition. Even Though the DTG pritner under $2000, we will do all the necessary test and keep Video record during testing for future review.

Wood printer finland
Wood Printing Machine UK
Wood Printer USA

Feedback Photos of DTG Printer Under $2000

The printer normally would be sent by Express service like DHL/FedEx/TNT, or sea freight, or as your request to send to your forwarder warehouse. When the DTG Printer Under $2000 arrived you would see same packing as how we packed after testing.
Here are some Machine photos from our customer when they received our machine.

Cheap Wood Printer low price Wood printer
desktop Wood printer Wood Printer for Logo
Wood Printer Price Inkjet Wood Printer
Wood Printer for Sale low cost Wood printer
More Customer Review Photos

----------------------------------------------Part 5 Factory and advantage----------------------------------------------


Neixo DTG Printer Under $2000 Advantage

As an original Manufacturer for DTG printer, we have more than 15 years exprience in uv and dtg flatbed printing. We also have our own technical team to develop and helping our customers , So you would get our very professional aftersales support once purchasing our DTG printer .

1. Neixo DTG Printer Under $2000 Manufacturer

The photos are showing our production line including Raw material warehouse, assembling workshop, packing workshop, stock warehouse and our working teams.
We own the ability from developing to producing UV and DTG printer.
Welcome to visit our factory, showroom for checking our printer directly.

Wood printer Wood printer manufacturer
Wood printer for sale cheap dtg printer
Wood printer cheap Wood printer for sale
desktop Wood printer golf printer factory
More Factory Photos

2. Famous UV Printer Exhibitions

We showed our DTG Printer Under $2000 in many different digital UV flatbed printing field business and machine exhibition. Customer look at the live printing processing in the trade show and all feel amazing about our printers.

Wood printer cheap Wood printer
uv Wood printer Wood printing machine

----------------------------------------------Part 6 Service ----------------------------------------------


Service of DTG Printer Under $2000 - Factory Engineer Technical Support

The most important factor to buy the printer from original manufacturer is the after sales service

We provide step by step and very detailed video instructions for our DTG flatbed Printer. After reading all our instruction, you would have ideas to understand how easy to run and work with our printer and how to set up the software for printing , Also how to get the design ready for printing etc.

print on T shirt
DTG printing tutorials
DTG Printer

Contact us Now for more business chances of DTG Printer Under $2000, you can see our printer is under low price but with good function !

DTG Printer Under $2000 is a very good machine for DTG T shirt printing directly. Economoic and Easy for operating ! Contact Us Now for It Now!


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