UV DTF Printer - X3050DH - Dual Head Industrial Rotary

This is a Dual Head UV DTF Printer with rotary accessories, it is a height version compared to the standard model. You can use this printer to do DTF direct-to-film sticker printing as it comes with vacuum table, and support the varnish printing as it is Dual heads for CMYKWW + VVVVVV double heads printing. 

X3050DH UV DTF Printer

Print Area: 32x50cm 

Product Dimension: 78*76*59cm

Net Weight: 55KG

Product dscription: High grade dual heads UV DTF Printer with Rotary Flatbed printing machine

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You can use this printer to do high-quality mass-production printing with flatbed printing, also support the varnish ink to print a glossy effect with the second head of oil ink. The printing can make print come out with white – color – varnish effect at one printing process.

Video Demo

How do we use our X3050DH UV DTF Printer to do the flatbed printing? You can see this video demo.

Our X3050DH UV flatbed printer is heigh and dual-head version of the X3050S and X3050SH. This machine support

  1. Full color / White Flatbed Printing
  2. Embossed Flatbed Printing
  3. Varnish Oil Flatbed Printing
  4. Rotary Cylinder Printing
  5. UV DTF (Direc to Film) Printing 

This is the most and highest recommended UV DTF Printer as it can support almost all printing requests. 

video for dual head uv dtf printer
Play Video about video for dual head uv dtf printer


The Data You Want to Know

Print Head:Epson Series
Type: Dual Heads UV DTF Printer
Print Height:0-15cm adjustable
Rotary Support:Supported
System Require:WIN7 / WIN10 / WIN11
Height Adjustment:Electronic automatically
Working Environment:25-30C, 50%, Dust free
Print Area:32x45cm
Color Channel:CMYKWW + 6V
Support Print Process:Varnish Printing
Cooling System:High Grade Dual Air Cooling
Interface:USB Cable Connect
Print Software:RIP software for Printing
Power:AC 110/220V, 50Hz/60Hz


Strong Metal Cover

This is the appearance of our X3050DH dual heads UV DTF Rotary Flatbed Printer, with metal cover we can make sure the printer is strong enough to protect the motherboard and components inside the printer, also for more stable printing process.


Quality Showed in Detail

uv vacuum table for uv printer

Vacuum table system will be necessary for printing film and thin item so that it can fix on the table not moving

duan head carriage unit of uv printer

Dual heads printing system for fast printing speed and better printing quality, also for more printing effect

dual air cooling system detail

High quality air cooling system of dual UV LED cooling system to make sure the temperature in stable

control panel of uv printer

One control panel system for print head moving, tray in and our, up and down controlling easy in daily production

Small Size | Rotary | Ink Mixing | Vaccum Table

X3050DH UV DTF Printer Supported

small size UV dtf printer with vaccum platform

Small Format UV DTF Printer

You may find that there is a lot of UV printing machine which support the DTF and varnish effect the large size printer, like 3 heads or above. And you would like to have a small size industrial that can achieve the same purpose Start-up Business.
Now, our X3050DH which is 2 heads Small Size UV DTF Printer come to you for your requests.
Rotary jig for bottle printing

Rotary Cylinder Item Support

A flatbed printer that can also support the Rotary to print round and cylinder items and substrates, and this UV flatbed printer can do more than you imagine.

With this rotary printer, you can get more types of business like tumbler bottle printing.

White ink mixer for uv ink

White Ink Mixing System

White ink is important for UV printing, it can be the background for color image printing, and it can be the embossed effect printing. So we have an ink mixing system for the X3050DH UV DTF Printer, to let the ink always be in good condition for better flowing.
Included all the innovational feature.
vaccum printing flatbed for uv dtf printing

Adjustable Vacuum Table

For UV DTF Printer, it is necessary for DTF Direct to Film Crystal Sticker printing, when we put the film on the table we do not want to film move as it will make the print defective. We have a vacuum table for this kind of printing, so you no longer worry about the issue of film fixing.
DTF sticker is a popular function, of course, our printer include it

The Printing Effect Supported

The Effects for Multi Business

full color printing effect by uv printer

Full Color Printing Supported No need to say, it is the normal function that all UV Printer comes with 

Full White Ink Printing Supported is the necessary feature of the UV printing too, also for UV DTF printing
full white ink uv printing effect
uv embossed printing effect

Embossed Printing Supported all of our UV printer series have such function for you to get embossed effect

varnishing ink uv printing

Varnish Printing Supported is popular now for glossy effect for whole or spot reuslt of all printing request

UV DTF Printing Supported by the varnish and the vaccum table our UV DTF printer completed with

uv dtf sticker printing
metallic foil effect

Metallic Foil Supported with varnish printing that we can get the golden/silver film to be on surface

UV DTF Printing Procedure

How do we produce the UV DTF Printing to make the film sticker with our X3050DH UV DTF Printer? Follow us by these 4 steps as procedure:

Step 1. Prepare the Image that you would like to print on the film as the UV sticker, and process according to our step by step tutorial to complete the printed file.

Step 2. Put the DTF A film on the vacuum table of our X3050DH printer and start the vacuum function to fix the pet film so it will not move.

Step 3. Start the UV DTF direct to film printing process to print the image on the A film, it will complete W+CMYKW+Varnish printing in one print process.

Step 4. We get the printed A film to laminate to b film by the laminator. And we get the complete film sticker with image on. To peel it then stick on any place you want. 

Video Demo Of UV DTF Printing

Surely we have the video demo for you to see the whole process with our UV DTF Printer. 

Clearly that you can see brief steps of how we prepare the artwork and prepare the A film, location, and printing process. And when you purchase our printer you will have very detailed, step-by-step video tutorials for the entire process and procedure of UV DTF printing by our X3050DH Printer

video for dual head uv dtf printer
Play Video about video for dual head uv dtf printer

UV DTF Printing Advantage

Compare to UV flatbed printing, UV DTF has a few advantages:

1. UV DTF printing can print on film stickers, then you can put the image on almost anywhere with limited, 
2. No limits on hard substrate, for UV flatbed printing even a small logo on a big box, you can only print one box at one time, using the UV DTF sticker you can put more images on the film that can print more logos at one time.
3. More unregular shapes available, like bottles, large table, large door which you can not put on the printer, now you can use UV DTF sticker to stick on

Almost All Purpose and Applications

All Samples Printed By Our Printer

Our Factory

Our Workshop, Warehouse and More

We have our own factory that includes almost all the machines for the 3050 UV flatbed printer production. Like the drilling machine, cutting machine, assembling machine, and tools for all models. The 3000 square meter factory includes a warehouse, material house, production workshop, engineering department, and packing department. To Know More About Our Factory

small uv printer x3040s factory

Customer Visiting

small uv printer ready for delivery

Delivery Of Small UV Printer

stock of small size uv printer

Material Warehouse

Review Photos

See the Real Photos from Customers

We did not remember how many sets of UV DTF flatbed printers we have sent out to customers over the world, below are some of the photos from our customers when they get our printers, I hope your printer will be the next one we will send out. To View More Buyer Photos
uk customer buying the a4 uv printer
USA customer buying neixo small uv printer
USA customer use small a4 uv printer for car plate printing
Phillipine customer use a4 uv printer for golf ball printing
buyer photos of small uv printer
dtg printer in US customer workshop
germany buyer buying neixo dtg printer
japanese buyer buy the small uv printer

UV Printer Package

Delivery Of the UV Printer

Wood Crate Delivery

Before our X 3050 UV printer is delivered to your hand, it will have thousands of meters of distance. How to make protection during the whole delivery process? We use a very strong wood crates!

To See More About Our Packing
uv printer in Wooden box package

Engineer Support

The Most Important Thing You Concern!

Factory Service

It will never happened that you can not find technician support, we have been in market from 2007, more than 15 years to service our customer!

To Know More About Our Service

technical supoport for small size uv printer

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