UV Printer for Small Business

Digital Inkjet UV Printer series for you your business, will be a big progress for your customized printing business. UV printer is an inkjet technology printer for UV-led ink printing and cured by UV LED on the image that can provide full-color solutions on almost any material, including but not limited to plastic, wood, glass, acrylic, metal, etc. Neixo focus on UV printing for more than 17 years, we provide a series of UV flatbed printers for your selection, please choose from printing sizes, color ranges, rotary supported, and print head numbers. 

UV Printers

X2030S Small uv industrial printer

X2030S Small Industrial UV Printer

X2030 Industrial Small UV Printer The X2030S Industrial UV Printer is the smallest one of the industrial-class printers. It is suitable for the small business.  If your printing business requests are below: Small size printing request only within 20x30cm Small printing quantity request Customs of each print request or small 

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4060 UV Printer

X4060DH Dual Head Industrial UV Printer

X4060DH Industrial UV DTF Rotary Printer The X4060DH Industrial UV Printer is a Dual Print Head Version full-function UV printer. It can print larger sizes for more applications. If your printing business requests are below: Item/substrate size within 40x60cm Best printing quantity request Customs of each print request or small 

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X3050D Dual Head Industrial UV DTF Rotary Printer

UV DTF Printer – X3050DH – Dual Head Industrial Rotary This is a Dual Head UV DTF Printer with rotary accessories, it is a height version compared to the standard model. You can use this printer to do DTF direct-to-film sticker printing as it comes with vacuum table, and support

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small uv printer

X3040S Small Industrial UV Flatbed Printer

X3040S – The Best Industry Small UV Printer A small UV printer is the best choice for all purpose small size printing businesses, like small digital stores and small custom businesses for multi-purpose and multi-material printing. Phone case, PVC cards, wood name plate, acrylic sign, metal sheet etc.  Previous Next

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