The 8 Types of UV Printing Effects

With NEIXO UV Printer Tutorials

Why you choose the UV flatbed printer for busienss? I think the effects that UV printer can make is one of the important reason you can think about. Below are the UV printing effects all NEIXO UV flatbed printer series can do. Some of model will need to choose the printing process, if you are interesting in our UV flatgbed printer please contact our sales team for any qeustion. And you can do all the same effect by our UV flatbed printer with our Detailed Video Tutorials.

1. Normal Full Color

This is the most normal and frequent printing effect. You can use our small UV printer to print on white background directly, not needing any white background. You can also the printed image on the light color surface. 

Full color image can be printed at one go like printing a photo/image/picture by normal digital inkjet printer, will never need any screen plate prepared.

uv full color printing effect

2. White Then Color

As we all know, color stacking can lead to another color. This means that we can not directly print the color image on different colors, otherwise, the image color will be defective. So how do we solve this problem? We can do a layer of white color printed on the color surface and then print the color image on it. 

This will lead to some issues, the white layer can totally match the color layer. Our Neixo small UV flatbed printer can surely make it possible. 

White then color printing

3. White Ink Only

As what we mentioned above, we can print white layer then print the color image on surface, we can surely print only the white ink as the image, since we can see there are some cusotmer reqeust for the white printing only, like letters, text on back or other surface.

These are based effect that all the UV printer can work

White printing only

4. Glossy Varnish Effect

Varnish is a special ink that can get the glossy effect, you can make it in full layers of images,s or spot place of the image.  For our Dual head version flatbed printer, we can make printing directly with white + color + varnish effect image in one printing process. 

For the desktop single head printer we can also make it just we will be only using color+varnih printing. 

uv Glossy Varnishing printing

5. Embossed 3D Raised Effect

Also the based effect of the NEIXO UV flatbed printer, you can easy make embossed effect printing images according to our tutorials. White ink based as the embossed ground and we can print image on it to make a kind of raised 3D embossed effect image. 

3d embossed uv printing effect

6. Golden / Silver / Laser Foil Film Transfer Effect

Here comes a very wonderful printing effect that you will be happy to see, the gold and silver effect for UV printing recently achieved by our UV flatbed printer.

You please see how we can make this through our video you will know how easy your thought is. It is a luxury effect most customers like, after a few years of research we can complete this job with our UV printer. 

uv gold silver laser Printing effect

Embossed Varnish Golden Foil Effect

Here comes a video that we use our dual head UV flatbed printer for your reference, the dual head UV flatbed printer can do all porcess very easy and fast. Color, Embossed, Varnish and Golden foil film print processes are showed in below video.

uv gold silver laser Printing
Play Video about uv gold silver laser Printing

7. UV DTF Sticker A B Film Transfer

UV DTF is also supported by our UV series flatbed printer, it can print on A film and laminate on B film to make the UV sticker, we can heat transfer the film together and get the sticker then we can apply the image to be stuck on anywhere, even on the cylinder. 

UV dtf sticker printing

8. Color Then White for Backside of Glass/Acrylic

Some reqeuest are printing on glass, we think the printing on glass or acylic the best way is to print on the back side so we can see the image on front side. It will protect the iamge for long term business. Actually for most of acyrlic sign printing you will use this printing method. 

Color then white printing on backside of glass and acrylic

For the printing process, we have very detail step-by-step tutorials for you, you will be able to complete the same jobs as you can see above all videos are made by our UV flatbed printer. Contact us right now to get the suitable machine for your business. 

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