UV Wood Printer
Direct Digital Custom Inkjet Printing on Wood

Wood is a very special material, it comes from nature and can be used in many places. As a professional UV wood printer manufacturer, we have more than 15 years of digital inkjet small size and format UV flatbed printer producing experience. Our own engineer team design our series UV wood printer by ourselves and a professional worker team for production.

You can use our UV wood printer to do the printing on wood like wood plates, wood signs, wood name plates, wood boards, and wood MDF, plywood sheet, for custom photos, pictures, Logo, sign printing business.

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NEIXO UV Wood Printer

Small Size UV Digitally Inkjet on Wood Printer

NEIXO Provide full feature on our UV Wood Printer no matter on the desktop wood printer or the industrial wood printer.

Feel Free to contact us to inquire any questions.

Even for small size desktop UV flatbed printer, we put our good feature to the printer for you

UV Wood Printing Machine VIDEO

We insist on printing samples with our own series UV wood printer, in this video, you will see directly how we do digital inkjet printing on wood.

We have a series of UV wood printers, in the video we use an A4 UV wood printer as a demo, please feel free to ask us to show you more model printing demos.

Wood print direct
Play Video about Wood print direct

We insist on making video demo by our UV printer.

NEIXO UV Wood Printers Series

Choose the Suitable UV Printer for You

NEIXO is original UV flatbed printer manufacturer, we have a series small size desktop UV printer and the industrial UV flatbed printer as the digital UV wood printer for your selection. Low cheap price desktop A4 UV printer, most cost-effective A3 UV printer, also the middle size industry UV printer 4060 dual head series.

Talk to us directly about your request for UV wood printing, our sales team will provide professional for you about which model is most suitable for your request.

NEIXO Digital Inkjet UV Wood Printer

All UV Printing on Wood Applications

UV Wood printing machine can support various wood material printing. Like wood, MDF, Plywood, etc. And for different shapes also. You can custom any full-color image, artwork, picture, Logos, and photos on wood board, plate, sign plate, sign, and name plate.

Custom UV Wood Printer

Custom any image, picture, Logo on the wood surface then you will be able to use our UV wood printer to print directly.

UV Direct Printing on Wood

With UV printing on wood technology, our UV wood printer can do direct printing on wood without plate-making

Photo on Wood Printing

The TOP 1 usage of the UV wood printer is the photos printing directly on wood, it is hot as the custom unique gift of the wood photo

Print on Wood Machine

Artwork, Logos, Text, company detail and introductions, you can use our UV Wood Printer to do one-off 

Prints on Wood Machine

With the UV LED ink and the digital inkjet technology of our small UV wood printer you can make any prints on wood easy

Wood Sign Printing

There are wood signs everywhere you can see in the street or rooms and most of them are customized you can use our UV wood printer for making it

Round Basswood Printing

Round basswood custom printing as the gift is popular always, using our UV wood printer it will be an easy job that can direct print any picture on it.

Wood Name Plate Printing

Wood Name Plate is a kind of normal request. It is unique for each person so the UV wood printer custom printing is the best choice

Wood Gift Box Printer

You can do wooden gift box custom any photograph, picture, Logos, text, and any contents on by our UV wood printer.

UV Wood Plaques Printer

Any custom plaques of wood you can easy to produce, for companies or small business requests, make various images on it

UV Planked Wood Printer

The planked wood printing business is always popular and welcomed, with our UV wood printer it will become easy to make full color content on it

Trophies UV Wood Printer

On any game there must have different name on the trophies and some different contents, using UV wood printer you can make them directly and fast

NEIXO - China UV Wood Printer Manufacturer

We are the leading manufacturer and one of the earliest small size UV wood printer manufacturers in China, we were established in 2007.

With our UV wood printer, we will let you see what you can do and what our advantages are below.

UV Wood Printer Increase Your Business

What Our Small Size UV Flatbed Printer for Wood Can be Used for ?

Below we will introduce our UV flatbed printer for wood to you for know about our wood UV printer. We have different size printer for Logo, Image, Text printing on Wood. Different price of the printer for your selection

Neixo Small size wood UV flatbed printer for wood printing which can print your any image like logo, design, color text or image on the wood surface directly and do not need pre-treatment. It is easy to do the printing job, if you would like to know more information for it, know mail to us.

UV Wood Printer for the Wood Sign

The Most Popular Usage of Small UV Wood Printer

wood sign printer

You can create totally customized wood signs, printed full-color photos, image text, and logos, also the artwork, images, and pictures too. 

You can see there will be too many possibilities like printing name on any wooden signs by the UV Wood Printer no matter it is our desktop or industry UV printer. 

Each wood sign will be the unique one, you can be personalized with a low cost by the digital inkjet technology.

Video of UV Wood Sign Printing

Please see this video we print the wood sign with our mini-size format UV wood printer. In full color and white ink background. 

We keep doing the wood printing sample by ourselves, you can see how our printer work and you will be able to have same printing and the same print result after purchasing our digital direct inkjet UV wood printer.

wooden sign printing with uv printer
Play Video about wooden sign printing with uv printer

UV Wood Printer for Wood Plaques

Custom Logos Images and Text for Wood Plaques Printing

Wooden Plaques custom business maybe is the business you are doing now or the planning business you will be going to do. You would like to have a UV wood printer that can print small quantity wood plaques. 

Our small format UV Wood Printer is very suitable for you. It can directly print any image, Logo, test, or picture on the wood plaques in one go. Full-color supported by digital wood printing.

wood plaque printer
Play Video

Video of Wooden Plaques Printing

Any wooden plaques will be supported to be printed directly with our UV wood printer. Like normal rectangle wood plaques, unfinished round wooden plaques, basswood country round plaques, and wooden gift oval plaques.

See in our website that all the video of the wood sign and plaques are printed by our UV wood printers.

UV Wood Printer for Wood Boards

To Increase Your Business Range on Wood Boards Printing

Printing different logos or sign on the small wood board, you could make your own designed wooden key chain for selling on the internet or wooden warning sign for using on different occasion by our UV wood printer.

Printing Numbers, words or special images on the wood brick, you could make them to be a series of wooden toys. Printing a family image or other favor image on different shape of wooden sheet or board, you could make the very nice photo album as a memory or selling them to other customers.

wood board printing machine
uv wood printer for boards
Play Video about uv wood printer for boards

Video of Wooden Boards Printing

Any wooden plaques will be supported to be printed directly with our UV wood printer. Like normal rectangle wood plaques, unfinished round wooden plaques, basswood country round plaques, and wooden gift oval plaques.

See in our website that all the video of the wood sign and plaques are printed by our UV wood printers.

UV Wood Printer for Wood Gift Box

Custom Any On the Gift Wooden Box Easy

gift box wood printer uv

We could also print the special design on the wooden gift box or wine box, and use them for packing gifts. So, the small size UV wood printer is very useful and suitable for us to start some gift and craft business.

Use the Small size UV flatbed printer for wood to do some Personalized printing on wood, Artists, online store owners, gift software providers, and other custom graphics experts can make huge profits by adding messages, company logos, and graphics to various wooden objects

Video of UV Wood Box Printing

With versus led desktop printer, you can use a convenient method to print directly on custom frames, coasters, baby pads, wooden fixtures, small signs and other items they need, all you need just having our UV wood printer

Here is the video of demo sample for your reference. 

wooden wine box printer
Play Video about wooden wine box printer

Our UV Wood Printer Advantages

Reasons You Purchase NEIXO UV wood Printer

Surely we understand your request is to print on wood, including wood sign printing, wood plaques printing, wood name plate printing, wood gift box printing, etc. So what our NEIXO UV wood printer can do for your business, and what advantages of our UV wood printers have?

wooden slate printer

UV Wood Printer for Start up Business

NEIXO UV Wood printer is the best option for small businesses, our desktop version printer with Epson printer body can provide low-cost UV Wood printer for you as the entry-level printer for beginner or home business.

small quantity printing with wood printer

Without Quantity Limited Request

NEIXO UV wood printer can do custom and personal printing request of printing on wood business without any minimum quantity demand. You can accept small quantity order or even for printing single 1 piece especially. To get any quantity order from your customer. 

anti-scratch wood printer

Anti Scratching And Fading

The picture and image on wood board, plate, plaques printed by our UV wood printer will not be faded easy as it is using the UV led ink, it can last for long time even outdoor, and it is hard as it is not easy to be scratched off too. Full color image on the wood surface is very stable.

white and color printing on wood board

Color and White Wood Decorating

You can put the DIY full-color image or white ink only at one-off printing with our UV wood printer even if it is A4 size UV printer or industry 4060 UV printers, it can save time and never need to make any template for each image, decorating and printing directly at one process.

All kinds of wood board printer

Support Almost All Types of Wood

Different types of wood will be supported by our UV wood printer, with UV LED inkjet printing technology. Like blanked walnut wood, plywood, basswood, even for MDF which is most popular wood material for gift and wood sign printing.

More and more people are willing to use the small size UV wood printer for the wood printing business as it do not need complex operation steps. It is based on a new digital printing method to replace the screen printing, heat transfer printing, or pad printing method.

There is no restriction on printing quantity and output color when we use the UV wood printer for wood printing. We could print even only 1 piece of image or logo each time without making any template, also we could print different images or Logos in one-pass printing.
This is a very obvious advantage over another printing method when taking the way by UV flatbed printer for wood material printing.

No quantity limit for wood printer
uv printer for wooden gift box

Another advantage of using a UV flatbed printer for wood printing is the prints will be dry at once during the printing process, so we don’t need to waste time waiting for the drying as screen printing or heat transfer printing way.

One more advantage when we use the small size UV wood printer for wood is we could print opaque white and very complicated & Vivid colors even on the black/dark solid woods, MDF wood material.

A very special function of the UV wood printer for wood printing is it could produce the 3D embossed effect by printing white ink as a based layer to make the color ink highlighted. This will bring an extra special touch feeling to the printing surface.

wood brick printer
uv pritner for MDF wood board
small uv printer for wood printing

Above are some of the finished wood products printed by our small-size UV wood printer. You could see it is printed on different shapes of a wood brick, wood board, and even the MDF wood material. We also have some demo printing videos which show the printing process. So, you could feel how our UV flatbed wood printer working on this wooden material with different logo designs and vivid & color images.

If you are interested and brought our UV Wood Printer, we will have the very detailed instruction to show how to use the printer, and how to print on different products step by step, it is not just for printing on wood products but also for many others products, So the UV flatbed printer for wood could become a Wood printer, phone case printer, Glass printer, metal printing machine, PVC card printing machine, ID card printing machine, Leather printing machine, metal printing machine and so on.
You would see you get a multi-functional UV flatbed printer.

NEIXO UV Wood Printer Technology

NEIXO UV Wood Printer Advantages

Small Custom Desktop UV Printer

Auto Head Cleaning System

Automatic Head Cleaning System is the NEIXO UV wood printer all comes with an automatic print head system which is the top advantage because this is the most useful function for production.

We have a special IC and control system for the print head cleaning automatically in 6 / 12 hours, we can custom this for your request.

You can turn this function on the control panel easily. 

wood printer head cleaning system
wood printer tray auto height system

Wood Print Distance Adjusting

We understand you are doing the UV wood photo printing business, and there will have different thicknesses of the wood sign and the plaques sheet.

Our UV wood printer can do the auto height limited to avoid the printer head hitting the wood substance of printing.

Once the wood sheet is higher than the limited bar our printer will auto lower down the tray to suit the wood.

UV Led Cooling Down

You must know that the temperature is high when the UV Led lamp working, to make our UV LED system in good condition, we add the cooling system to the printer, there mainly water cooling and wind cooling system of our UV Wood Printer

We know the stability is very important for production, so even desktop version printer we will add the stable cooling there as it is the most important for printing on wood.

water cooling system of wood printer
touch control panel of wood printer

Touch Screen Control Panel

It will be easy and direct by using the touch screen controlling panel for our UV wood printer for you. To control the tray move forward/back, up/down, and also the one-touch return with height limited button. 
You will be able to turn on/off the auto head cleaning system in the UV wood printer. 

Radiator Cooling System

Additional System for Water Cooling

This is the additional cooling system for the water cooling system of our UV wood printer, as the water pipe can bring hot water so we add the radiator to let the water cool down before it flow back to the cooling water tank.

We are the first flatbed printer manufacturer who adds this to our UV series flatbed printer for more stable wood printing production.

uv wood printer radiator cooling system

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NEIXO UV Wood Printer Details

Quality Shows In Detail

lifting system of UV wood printer

The lifting system is an important system of wood printer to let the item lifting in same position.

detail covers of uv wood printer

Full metal cover of our UV wood printer can provide strong support for delivery

capping system of uv wood printer

Epson Original Capping Station for auto head cleaning and to keep the nozzle in moisture.

Our Wood Printer Customer Photos

Reviews of UV Wood Printer

We have been sending thousands of UV wood printers to our customers over the world since 2012 when we start our direct foreign trade business. Below you can see some photos of our printer and packages when the UV wood printer arrives at our customer’s hands.

UV wood printer customer review
uv printer review photo
buyer show of uv wood flatbed printer

Before the UV wood printer sends out, we will have an inspection of the final check to make sure our printer is under normal situation, and we will have the video record and the photos you can ask us for it before sending out the UV wood printers.

What Else Than UV Wood Printer

You may already know that our UV wood printer is the UV printer series, which can do a lot of different printing purposes, like a multi-purpose custom UV flatbed printer that can print not only the wood but also the 

Phone cases, Acrylic signs, Metal, Plastic, Golf ball, PU leather, pen, etc.

Our UV Wood Printer actually can do many things more than your imagination, think of more possibilities for you to expand your businesses.

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Professional After Sale Support

Factory Engineer Technical Support

After buying our UV wood printer product, you will get not only the printer but more important, the professional after-sales service. The Customer Service team is very important for the kind of machine you must concern about. 

NEIXO provides the best service for after-sales of our small UV series flatbed printer including step-by-step tutorials and videos in every detail. And you will get a professional technical team for support.

wood printer tutorials
Video Tutorials
wood printer tutorials
Technical Support
Our UV Wood Printer will surely help you to increase your wood custom photo and picture for planked plywood, MDF, plaques, sign, gift box printing business.

Packing of NEIXO UV Wood Printer

Delivery Lead Time and Packing Process

Wooden Crate Protection

We use the strong wood crate to protect the printer during delivery. 

This is the international package that we have been sending with this packaging for more than 10 years for delivery the uv wood printer to customers in other countries.

uv wood printer packing and delivery
uv wood printer delivery

1. Delivery Time UV Wood Printer

Usually, your printer will be sent out within 3 working days after confirmation.

And mostly we can arrange delivery within 1 working as we have the production line working or printer production always as the original small size UV printer manufacturer.

We normally send out the V wood printer by DHL/FedEx/TNT for you, and even by sea freight according to your request, like a warehouse in China city, we will process accordingly.

2. Testing of UV Wood Printer before sending out.

As the leading manufacturer of small size UV flatbed printers and UV wood printers, we have experience in production and we have a series of inspections during the whole production line. 

We will have a video and photo record of the final testing before your UV wood printer with our Order Label sent out.

uv printer inspection

Reliable UV Wood Priner Manufacturer

We Have Factory

A professional production team will be n our workshop and we have experienced production managing team for each production steps, also the machines for whole production f the UV wood printer. 

1. UV Wood Printer Workshop

Below you will find how your UV flatbed printer is produced and our workers and staff for your reference as the manufacturer. Workshop and warehouse, material house and workers, a production line with a customer visiting the office, etc. We welcome your coming to our factory directly to see the UV wood printer.

uv wood printer customer visit
Customer from worldwide
uv wood printer manufacturer
Delivery Of Wood Printer Seriously
uv wood printer manufacturing
Inspection of All Printers
uv wood printer workers
NEIXO Factory Team

2. Wood UV Printing Machine Trade Show

You can see our UV wood printer in some trade shows and the exhibition always, we can let you see some of the photos of how our printer gets good feedback from many customers everywhere.

uv wood printer exhibition
USB Flash Drive Printer trade show
uv wood printer trade show

Contact for UV Wood Printer Now!

No matter what questions you want to have answer about the UV wood printer, fill the blanks below, we will contact you soon.

gift box uv wood printer contact
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