A3 DTF Printer
Best Small Desktop Direct Pet Film Printing Machine

A3 DTF Printer is our new and innovative product for the T-shirt printing business, which is direct to film printing machines that come from A3 DTG printer. The best option for the small business of T-shirt printing. It will print the image on the pet film and transfer it by the heat pressing machine to a T-shirt, the job was done in an easy way. We have A3 DTF Printer based on L1800, with RIP 10 for you if you are going to purchase a A3 DTF printer.

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Neixo A3 DTF Printing Machine, Direct to Film Transfer printer. We are the original manufacturer of the DTF printer, we can provide the A3 DTF Printer series which is based on Epson L1800 which is the most popular printer for T-shirt printing, we provide the cheap price with full function for you.

NX3250DTF A3 DTF Printer Price
Direct to Pet Film Transfer Printer


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The VIDEO of our A3 DTF Printer

In this video, you can see our A3 DTF printer process, and the full A3 DTF transfer printing process to complete get a T-shirt completed by our direct transfer pet film printer. 

The whole printing process and the tutorials we will provide with the printer after you purchase it.

dtf printer printing sample
Play Video about dtf printer printing sample

NEIXO A3 DTF Printer Application

All Samples are Printed by Our A3 DTF Printer

We have been printing samples every day, below showing all our A3 DTF printing samples, it can be T-shirts, Bags, Caps, Wind cloth, Jeans. Whatever you can think of you can try by our DTG printer.

A3 DTF Printer

This is the most popular A3 DTF printer as the print size is large enough for most of the printing business

A3 DTF Printer L1800

Based on Epson L1800 printer as the desktop A3 DTF series flatbed printer like DTG printer.

A3 DTF Heat Transfer Printer

We will need a kind of heat pressing machine for the heat transfer of our A3 DTF printer

A3 DTF Film Printing Machine

Pet film printing and transfer to the T shirt by our A3 DTF printer is easy.

Best Printer for A3 DTF Machine

Neixo A3 DTF Printer is the best choice if you would like to use it to start up a business.

A3 DTF Desktop Printer

A3 size model desktop A3 DTF printer is based on desktop Epson L1800 for cost-effective

A3 DTF Shirt Printing Machine

Easy heat transfer printing method printing by our A3 DTF printing machine.

Cheap A3 DTF Printer

Providing all feature and function with low cost and price A3 DTF printer to you

A3 DTF Printer for Sale

You will find our A3 DTF printer for sale if you wound like to get best price A3 DTF printer.

A3 DTF Printer - The Most Cost-effective T-shirt Printer

Neixo A3 DTF printer is the good model for you to start the business of small T shirt printing, you can use this cheap price bug getting the full function like the auto head cleaning function, auto white ink circulation system,

A3 DTF Printer Increase Your Business

How Our A3 DTF Printer Make Your Business Grow

If you already have the t-shirt printing business for traditional heat transfer, then you can use our DTF printer to increase the business, as the new technology of DTF printing can put images on the surface of almost all materials like cotton, sweat, and hoodies.

A3 DTF Printer - Auto Hot Melt Powder Shaking Machine

Auto Hot Melt Powder Shaking and Heating

You can purchase the hot melt power shaking machine with the A3 DTF printer together with us, together with the A3 DTF printer.

The Hot Melt Powder Shaking and Heating Machine can do auto powder shaking and heating for Pet Film printing. With the roller feeder and our A3 DTF printer can do the Mass Production jobs. 

  1. Auto Pet Film Feeding and Printing
  2. Auto Hot Melt Powder Shaking 
  3. Auto Pet Film Heating up
  4. Auto Roll to Stoke after Finishing

Neixo A3 DTF printer has a pet film roll feeder system so that you can control the pet film paper very easy to be in and out. This is to adjust the pet film paper location and place so you can see where the pet film print starts from.

The whole process of A3 DTF printing will be included: auto roll pet film paper feeder, printing, hot melt powder shaking, hot drying, roll pet complete. After that you will only cut the pet film to do the heat pressing and transferring job to get the custom T shirt.

Video for A3 DTF Printer with Hot Melt Powder Shaking Machine

Below we will show you the video that you can see the whole process of our A3 DTF printer with the roll feeder and the Auto Hot Melt Powder Shaking and Heating Machine for mass production.

Epson L1800 DTF printing machine
Play Video about Epson L1800 DTF printing machine

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A3 DTF Printer - Auto White Ink Circulation System

Avoid White Ink Settle Down

You will find a very good function of Neixo A3 DTF printer, the Auto White Ink Circulation System. This is a very important feature as it can avoid the white ink settle down, you will find this is a feature which is usually complete with High Price A3 DTG Printer and A3 DTF Printer, now we include this wonderful function to our printer.

A3 DTF Printer Vacuum Tray System

Stable the Pet Film Paper During Printing

An important and innovational function of our A3 DTF Printer is the Vacuum Tray System

This system is the part of our A3 DTF printer which can keep well the pet film paper in a stable situation during the whole printing process, to avoid pet film paper moving and image blur or ghost image.

Three strong fans under the platform to make the pet film paper “stick” on the platform during the printing process.

We can see the fans under the platform, and the fan wind speed is adjustable for any request. 

Even printing process is completed, if the Vacuum Tray Systems keep running, the pet film paper will not fall down.

Packing and Reviews of NEIXO A3 DTF Printers

Real Customer Reviews Photos

International Shipping Crate of A3 DTF Printer

Package Type:International Wooden Crate
Dimension:Depends on Model
Net Weight:38KG-70KG (Depends on Model)
Gross Weight:40KG-90KG (Depends on Model)

1. Delivery of the A3 DTF Printer

We use a high-quality International Wooden Crate package which has good protection for A3 DTF  Printer during transportation, with buffers inside the Wooden Crate for Custom A3 DTF T-shirt printing machine, it can be sent by DHL/FedEx/TNT, even by sea freight shipment or to warehouse if you have in China. From the factory to your place directly, without any additional cost.
dtf printer packing
UV Printer Packing

2. Testing of A3 DTF Printer before shipping

A series of printer quality control processes will be made during production. Of course, we have the final test before sending out the A3 DTF printer so we make sure the printer is in normal situation before sending out to your hand

We normally send out printer by DHL/FedEx/TNT, sometime we also send sea freight according to your request.

Review Photo Of Our A3 DTF Printer for our Customers

 As the best A3 DTF printer for small businesses, shipping cost is important too. Below are some photos of our A3 DTF printer from customers, when they receive the package of the printer is like this, and you will see similar packing when you receive it.
a3 dtf printer review
a3 dtf printer packing
buyer show of a3 dtf printer

Honorable Customer Review

NEIXO has been sending over thousands of flatbed printers like A3 DTF printers and DTG printers over the world, there have been many customer sending good feedbacks to us. 

Play Video about review of a3 dtg printer

Honest Customer Review.

This is a customer in the USA who purchased our DTG printer for T-shirt printing, getting very good printing result and the honorable customer is willing to send us a good recommendation video telling about his good experience with our T-shirt printing. machine.

We are ready to provide you with any T-shirt printing solution including eh DTF Printing and DTG printing.


Professional A3 DTF Printer Service and Support

Engineer Technical Support

It is a most important when you purchase the A3 DTF printer and flatbed printer, machines, after sales service will support you if you have any questions. We have made step by step tutorials, most of customer can directly arrange production and printer set up after seeing all our videos. I trust this is the reason you will buy the A3 DTF printer from us!
A3 DTF Printer will help your business to increase fast and fast with good advantage and low cost. Contact Now for getting further information

A3 DTF Printer Original Manufacturer

Own Engineer Team and Workshop

We have our own engineer team and production team as we are the original manufacturer of our A3 DTF printer. We are the factory working in this flatbed printer field for more than 15 years. For small size or large size A3 DTF printer, we have experience of them well. 

1. China A3 DTF Printing Machine Manufacturer

We show our factory photos below for your reference, the production line, machine warehouse, A3 DTF printer workshop, packing department, customer office, and our workers. Almost all products are made in our factory, we can control our DTF printer quality and provide OEM service for you. We welcome you to come to visit our facotry any time, directly.

uv printer factory
NEIXO Printers Ready for Delivery
flatbed printer warehouse
Worker Recording Material Seriously
flatbed printer shipping
Everyday Delivery of Printers
desktop printer manufacturer
Carefully and Seriously  in Production
a4 uv  printer
Sufficient of Material Stock
customer visit
Customer in Visiting to Neixo Factory
a3 dtg printer packing
Carefully and Seriously  in Production
uv printer shipping
Equipment for Packing and Delivery
uv printer factory
NEIXO Factory Worker Team

2. Famous A3 DTF Printer Exhibitions

We always show our new technology to customers by the trade show and exhibitions for customers, you can see some photos of our exhibitions for your reference. 

flatbed printer exhibitions
dtg printer trade show
small size uv printer trade show
NEIXO A3 DTF Printer is a wonderful direct transfer film printer, for DTF film printing business you can purchase it with very low cost and good function, really a good printing machine for custom T-shirt printing for small businesses start-up.
Easy operation, low cost, is the advantage of NEIXO A3 DTF Printer! Contact Us for It Now!

A3 DTF Printer: The Definitive FAQ Guide

1. What is A3 DTF Printer of NEIXO

A3 DTF printer is Direct to Film Printer, also called the Direct Transfer Film Printer. It is for custom T shirt printing business, new technology from 2021. NEIXO A3 DTF Printer is new product in 2021, with all function and low price. We get the PET film feeder to make mass production in the printer if you need.

The Printer is making with small size so the delivery cost is low to save delivery fee for you.

2. Start-up A3 DTF T shirt Printing Businesses

For start-up business, this is a very good machine as the cost is very low, operation is very easy. It will be a good choice to cover the old Sublimation transfer machine, because the DTF ink on the PET film with hot melt power can be transferred to a lot of different material. And it will not need to cut out the PET film.

3. A3 DTF Printer for all colors T-shirt

A3 DTF Printer support the white ink to support all the color T shirt. You can see in our video, our A3 DTF printer can do the white ink printing. It means the PET film image can be put onto any color T shirt, please see below image that showing you how we put the image on the Black T shirt. 

4. About pet film of A3 DTF printer

A pet film will be used for the A3 DTF printing process. It is marked by PET material.  You will printer the image in mirror effect onto the Pet Film Paper by the A3 DTF Printer with DTF ink, and the pet film will be used to transfer the image to the T-shirt.

Of course, before transferring to the T-shirt you will need to use the hot melt powder to stick on the DTF ink and you will get the paper heat up to let the hot melt powder dry on the image.

5. Hot Melt Powder of A3 DTF Printer

Hot melt powder is a very important part of A3 DTF printing process. It is because the transferring process will need the hot melt powder to stick on the T-shirt or other material surface. We will print the DTF ink on the PET film, then we will need to put the hot melt powder on the ink side, then we need to make it dry.


After this is all finished, we will be able to put the PET film on the T shirt, the hot melt powder will be touching on the T-shirt, then we use the heat pressing machine to do the heat transfer process.

6. Compare A3 DTF printer and DTG printer

This is similar but different. 

First, the image will be printed directly onto the T-shirt surface by the DTG printing processing, the DTF process, the image will be printed onto the PET film.

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