Our A3 DTG Printer View in Video from USA Customer

This is page that you will see the NEIXO printer review from our customer, it is real feedback as the customer is really doing DTG T-shirt business, we can see in the video that our customer show the sample of the printer and our customer is waiting for the second printer for the printing business.

USA Customer Video Review DTG Printer

This is a video from our customer who purchase our A3 DTG Printer. It is the real feedback and review of our A3 DTG Printer.

review of a3 dtg printer
Play Video about review of a3 dtg printer

Our DTG Printer Packing and Delivery

Customer Review Photo Of Our Printer

Well packing for delivery and you will see below some photos from our customers. And when you get your printer you will see the same wood crate like it.

See the label on the printer and that is our printer label for the order, we have a video of the inspection you can ask us to show you the video record.


Professional Service and Support

Manufacturer Engineer Technical Support

The most important thing about buying a printing machine from a manufacturer is the after-sales service. We have the step-by-step video, detailed tutorials in the video, and instructions on our A3 DTG Printer. 

Normally after getting through all tutorials videos, our customer will understand all the operating steps and know-how our printer works, also the setting of RIIP software, how to process the T-shirt image for printing, etc.

Step-by-step Tutorials

1 v 1 Technician Support

12 Hour Servicing Time

Your Reliable DTG Printer Manufacturer

Own Engineer Team and Workshop

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A3 UV Printer Ready for Delivery
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Worker Recording Material Seriously
flatbed printer shipping
Everyday Delivery of Printers
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Carefully and Seriously  in Production
a4 uv  printer
Sufficient of Material Stock
customer visit
Customer in Visiting to Neixo Factory
a3 dtg printer packing
Carefully and Seriously  in Production
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Equipment for Packing and Delivery
uv printer factory
NEIXO Factory Worker Team
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