DTF Convension Kit

DTF Conversion Kit for Epson L1800

DTF printing is becoming increasingly popular, with more people using DTF Printing machines for direct-to-film T-shirt printing business. Moreover, a Modified DTF printing machine is composed of an Epson L1800 desktop printer and a DTF Conversion Kit. This solution allows you to avoid the risks and shipping costs associated with directly purchasing a complete DTF Printer. 

You can assemble it locally, purchase an EPSON L1800 or 1390 at the time, create your own DTF Printer, use it yourself, and even go from production to sales. And all of this, you only need a DTF Conversion Kit.

NEIXO is original manufacturer of DTF printer for thousands of customers, we also provide Professional Desktop Epson L1800 DTF Printer Conversion Kti for you!

What Is Included of Epson L1800 DTF Convension Kit?

We include all the necessary components and board for our Epson L1800 Desktop Printer DTF Conversion Kit for you. When you get the kit you can use the accessories to complete the modification and conversion by yourself, of course, we have the tutorials for it.

Below are the accessories and components included in the DTF conversion kit:

  1. DTF conversion board for Epson L1800 or R1930 printer
  2.  Long cable for 11P x 1, short cable for 11p x 2, cable 13P x1
  3. File front/back button board.
  4. Motor extensive cable x 2.
  5. 24V Power Plug for the board power supply.
  6. Insulation accesoresis.
  7. The RIP software, the Laest Version now we provide with the DTF Conversion Kit is V10 or V11
A3 L1800 DTF Convension Kit
completed A3 DTF Printer

Above are the DTF Convension Kit and our completed A3 L1800 DTF Printer, if you are interested in purchasing a whole set A3 Epson L1800 DTF Printer, please contact us. 

Why do You Need The DTF Conversion Kit?

Due to the emergence of new technology, DTF is starting to replace the previous DTG technology, and DTF printing technology has lower costs. This has led to an increasing number of DTF Printer suppliers in the market. However, the equipment produced by DTF printer manufacturers is unstable, and it requires the installation of an original Epson L1800 or a second-hand R1390 printer. After the printer is modified, it needs to be packed in a wooden crate, leading to relatively high transportation costs that some customers may find unacceptable.

Now, there is a new solution – the DTF Conversion Kit. We are a professional DTF printer manufacturer with years of experience in modifying Epson printers. We also have DTF Printers for sale. However, if you want to create your own DTF Printer locally, you can now directly purchase our specially designed DTF Conversion Kit. Then, you can buy a local L1800 or R1390 printer and modify it into your own DTF Printer.

DTF Conversion Kit

Who is Suitable for Using the DTF Conversion Kit?

In fact, the majority of people are suitable for the DTF Conversion Kit, and they can be divided into three categories. The last two categories are the most suitable.

DTF Conversion Kit for personal home user

For Personal User For Home T Shirt Printing

For individual users with T-shirt printing needs at home, who only require a regular DTF Printer, the DTF Conversion Kit is well-suited. It is cost-effective, especially if you already have an EPSON L1800 or 1390 at home. In such cases, it’s even more suitable to directly purchase a DTF Conversion Kit and transform your existing EPSON Desktop Printer into a DTF Printer.

DTF converson kit for t shirt printing business store

For Small T Shirt Printing Business Store

Another group suitable for the DTF Conversion Kit is small-scale businesses, such as custom T-shirt printing shops. For these businesses, one or even several A3 DTF Printers are necessary to handle small batch orders. If you prefer not to directly purchase multiple pre-modified and installed DTF Printers, then a DTF Conversion Kit becomes a necessary choice. This allows for a very low-cost option to independently modify multiple small-scale DTF Printers using the DTF Conversion Kit. We provide a complete modification solution, enabling you to perform the modifications at home or in your shop.

DTF Conversion kit For DTF Printer Manufacturer

For DTF Printer Manufacturer / Reseller / Provider

The last group that is most suitable to purchase the DTF Conversion Kit consists of individuals already involved in or planning to enter the T-shirt printing equipment supply business. 

You can directly buy a large quantity of DTF Conversion Kits and simultaneously purchase a substantial number of Epson L1800 Printers, whether they are brand new or used devices like the Epson R1390. Then, in your own workshop, you can efficiently modify and assemble Desktop L1800 and R1390 DTF Printers in bulk. 

These products can be highly competitive in the market due to the low cost of DTF Conversion Kits. Even with the international shipping costs for many sets of DTF Conversion Kits, they remain quite low. For businesses that are limited to purchasing and reselling entire DTF Printing Machines, this approach represents a strategic advantage. By keeping your costs extremely low, you create significant profit margins.

Tutorials for Assembling Of the DTF Conversion Kit

We are the original manufacturers, operating as a professional factory with over 20 years of experience in printer modification. 

DTF Printer modification is a straightforward task for us, as we have a comprehensive DTF Conversion Kit, including PCB boards and other components. These elements are pre-set in the software to ensure stability and prevent errors. 

We provide a complete set of components for the DTF Conversion Kit. Additionally, we offer a full, step-by-step video tutorial. Following the tutorial, you can easily complete the modification of an Epson printer, transforming it into a stable A3 DTF Printer, either L1800 or 1390.

tutorials of dtf conversion kit
How to use the dtf conversion kit

How to Use the DTF Printer from DTF Conversion Kit

You absolutely don’t need to worry about this issue. In addition to providing installation tutorials for the DTF Conversion Kit, we also offer a complete printing solution. This includes guidance on using Pet film, applying powder, the heat-pressing process, and ultimately showcasing the finished T-shirt product. 

You can follow our video tutorials to create your own set of DTF Printer printing tutorials or directly share our tutorials with your customers. As long as you purchase our DTF Conversion Kit, we are committed to providing comprehensive support throughout the entire process.

Original DTF Technology Support

Collaborating with NEIXO, you don’t need to worry about any technical issues. We are the original manufacturers, unlike some resellers, and we have been in this industry for almost 20 years. You can check out our YouTube account, which has been active for nearly a decade. Our after-sales service has consistently received praise from customers worldwide! No need to worry—reach out to us immediately!

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