Jigsaw Puzzle Printer - The Custom Photo Picture Inkjet UV Machine

Small size UV custom photo jigsaw puzzle printer is your best choice no matter for entry level beginner business or mass production. 

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Jigsaw Puzzle Printer - Customer Any Puzzle

NEIXO provide the good Jigsaw Puzzle Printer for custom photo and picture jigsaw printing business. And we are original manufacturer of the small size UV flatbed printer for more than 15 years experience, it is good for small size home and start up business using.
To increase and support your custom puzzle printing business with our small size printer with full feature and function. 

VIDEO for Jigsaw Puzzle Printer

Please see our video of the Jigsaw Puzzle Printer directly, you will know how our printer can do photo custom printing on the puzzle.

We use our jigsaw puzzle printer to make the printing, you will be able to do the same printing job after purchasing our small UV printer.

diy printing with jigsaw puzzle printer
Play Video about diy printing with jigsaw puzzle printer

Suitable Jigsaw Puzzle Printer for You

The Correct Jigsaw Puzzle Printer to Rocket Your Busienss

Custom Photo on the Jigsaw Puzzle business is hot and no longer difficult by NEIXO jigsaw puzzle printer, you can get any size photo printing on the puzzle, even any shape puzzle printing. For different size puzzle printing request, we have small size A4 UV printer, A3 UV printer, and for fast mass production we have industrial version printer.

Print Size 18*32cm
Small Format Desktop UV Printer Low Price

Print Size 28*44cm
UV Flatbed Printing Machine Cost-Effective

a4 uv printer

X4060UV-2 A2 UV Printer

Print Size 40*60cm
High Speed Dual Head for Mass Production

You may have doubt about a series of UV flatbed printer, do not know which one is the best choice to be your Jigsaw Puzzle Printer, please just feel free to contact us, our professional team will provide you solution accordingly to your request. 

NEIXO Jigsaw Puzzle Printer

Printed Jigsaw Puzzle Photo and Picture

All below custom photos jigsaw puzzle sample are printed by our UV flatbed printer, we think mostly the printing business of custom puzzle will need a large size like our 4060 industry version printer.

Jigsaw Puzzle Printer

To do custom photo printing on the Jigsaw puzzle will be easy by our jigsaw puzzle printer, UV inkjet technology digital printing directly.

1000 Piece Puzzle Printer

It is not about the puzzle pieces number, we can print not only 1000 pieces puzzle, as long as the puzzle is in the printing size, we can do the printing.

Custom Photo on Puzzle

With the Jigsaw Puzzle Printer, you can custom any photo, picture, designs, artwork on puzzle directly without template making.

Jigsaw Puzzle Printer for Home Usage

You may dong, or having a plan for jigsaw puzzle printing custom photo for home and small business usage, best choice we are for you!

500 Piece Puzzle Printing

Small size jigsaw puzzle printing for small quantity printing, Jigsaw Puzzle Printer can do any quantity for your request. 

Memorable Photo Puzzle Making

For value memory of photos many people would like to make a kind of puzzle picture hanging on the wall in the house, our jigsaw puzzle printer can make it

Low Price Jigsaw Puzzle Printer

You do not need to invest a lof on the jigsaw puzzle printer machine, our small size jigsaw printer price is low and reasonable you can accept it well

Mini Size Jigsaw Puzzle Printer

For small home business, you may need only the small size or mini size jigsaw puzzle printer machine, A4 UV jigsaw puzzle printer will be the choice

DIT Jigsaw Puzzle Printer

Cartoon, Picture, Photos you can do it on the puzzle directly, enjog any DIY puzzle making business easy and fast.

NEIXO - China Jigsaw Puzzle Printer Machine Supplier

We are the small size jigsaw puzzle printer manufacturer, have been the leading manufacturer in China.

No matter your request is small order or the large order, we have the suitable model for your business.

Jigsaw Puzzle Printer Increase Your Business

What Our Jigsaw Puzzle Printer Do for You

If you are using other method doing the jigsaw puzzle printing business like heat transfer printing, sublimation printing

Photo Custom Jigsaw Puzzle Printer Machine

Custom Photo and Image on Your Jigsaw Puzzle

DIY your unique jigsaw puzzle by our jigsaw puzzle printer machine, within the size you choose you can print any thing on the jigsaw puzzle like DIY custom photos, text, family gift, birthday gift, love gift etc.

For the printing speed and quality, you can use our jigsaw printer to accept any ordering quantity, and can complete direct order in person in very short time.

Puzzle printer uv printing
Play Video about Puzzle printer uv printing

Video of Jigsaw Puzzle Printer

You will find that all our video is made by ourselves, we use our own UV series flatbed printer for real sample printing just to let you see that how our DIY jigsaw puzzle printer work.

 When you get our flatbed printer you can do the same job and get the same printing result puzzle printing.

Jigsaw Puzzle Printer Machine Advantage

These are Reason You Purchase NEIXO Printer

We know what you concern about for the jigsaw puzzle printer and for the jigsaw puzzle printing business, like custom photo is clear or not, or how many puzzle can it work everyday? If any ordering quantity limited request.

Jigsaw Puzzle Printer Machine for Start-up Business

Our jigsaw puzzle printer can be for your start-up business, for small order business, or entry-level home use business.

Not Request Large Quantity

For any ordering quantity even 1 piece, you can accept the order for very small quantity DIY custom photo printing on the jigsaw puzzle.

Anti Scratching an Color Fading

By the UV LED ink, the technology of our jigsaw puzzle printer is very good for stable image on the surface of the jigsaw puzzle, the image and photo can last for very long time

Full Color Image Design at One Print

Full color printing directly by our UV jigsaw puzzle printer, you can make any color on jigsaw puzzle at one print in fast speed.

Support the Jig/Fixture for Jigsaw Puzzle Printing

For mass production printing business of the jigsaw puzzle printing, we can add the jig and fixture on the tray of our jigsaw puzzle printer for locating the jigsaw puzzle for each print process

NEIXO Jigsaw Puzzle Printer Machine Technology

Auto Print Head Cleaning System

To Avoid Head Clogging Issue

Our Jigsaw Puzzle Printer have this series system to let the print head clean every day so it can let the print head in good condition.

Jigsaw Puzzle Printer printer head cleaning system
Jigsaw Puzzle Printer auto height system

Auto Height Adjusting System

To Suit the Height of the Jigsaw Puzzle

The height infer sensor is the system of the height auto adjusting system part of our Jigsaw Puzzle Printer, you can put the puzzle on the tray and press the auto in button.

Wind/Water Cooling System

To Let the LED in Good Healthy

Our UV led cooling is very important part for the Jigsaw Puzzle Printer machine during production on the puzzle printing. Water cooling system is the one for desktop version UV printer normally

Jigsaw Puzzle Printer water cooling system
Jigsaw Puzzle Printer touch control panel

Screen Control Panel

Touch Controlling Panel

You can see the controller panel directly on the screen of the Jigsaw Puzzle Printer and this is the touch screen control panel so that you can directly control it easily.

Added Radiator Cooling System

Additional Cooling System

Before the water flowing back to the water tank of the water cooling system, we add the radiator cooling system on it, to let the water cooled better so the Jigsaw Puzzle Printer working better during running

Jigsaw Puzzle Printer radiator cooling system

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NEIXO Jigsaw Puzzle Printer Machine Details

Quality Shows In Detail

Jigsaw Puzzle Printer lifting system of uv flatbed printer

Stable lifting up/down of the tray of Jigsaw Puzzle Printer is the 4 axis lifting system

Jigsaw Puzzle Printer covers of uv printer

Full metal cover for the Jigsaw Puzzle Printer is the good protection of the whole printer body

Jigsaw Puzzle Printer capping system of uv flatbed printer

You can see the original Epson capping system Jigsaw Puzzle Pirinter

Buyer Show and Review

Customer Review Jigsaw Puzzle Printer

Below are the photos when our customers receive the printer, when the Jigsaw Puzzle Printer send out to your hand, you will see the wood crate like this by DHL/FedEx/TNT, even the sea freight shipment. 

After the packing opened, the small UV printer is like this, the Jigsaw Puzzle Printer is similar when you purchase from us, we have label of order on it so you can see all our printer has it on front.

More Than Jigsaw Puzzle Printer

More purpose you can get by our UV Printer series

Not only the Jigsaw Puzzle can print by the Jigsaw Puzzle Printer, but you can also make any printing request like the below items which are mostly what our other customer does. To make your printing business-wide!

Like Phone Case Printing, Golf Ball Printing, Invitation Acrylic Printing, Woo Sign Printing, USB Flash Drive Printing, etc

More than your imagination on the current business, to expand your custom photo printing business easy!

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Professional After Sale Support

Factory Engineer Technical Support

You must know that already, buying a machine like Jigsaw Puzzle Printer, the after sales service will be very important! By the after sale service you can get the best support on the printing and maintenance. 

Step-by-step Tutorials

1 v 1 Technician Support

12 Hour Servicing Time

We have very detailed tutorials for the Jigsaw Puzzle Printer, step by step video tutorial and the instruction, PDF or else you can get for operation, or the image making, locating etc.

Packing of Jigsaw Puzzle Printer

Delivery Lead Time and Packing Process

International Crate for Delivery

Package Type: International Wooden Crate
Dimension: Depends on Model
Net Weight: 38KG-70KG (Depends on Model)
Gross Weight: 40KG-90KG (Depends on Model)
flatbed printer packing and delivery
Jigsaw Puzzle Printer small UV flatbed printer delivery

1. Delivery and Lead Time Jigsaw Puzzle Printer

We have the original manufacturer, we normally have enough stock for the UV flatbed printer of the Jigsaw Puzzle Printer.

Usually within 1 working day we can arrange the inspection and send out after all the confirmation are done

2. Testing of Jigsaw Puzzle Printer

Before sending out we will do the final test and inspection of each Jigsaw Puzzle Printer so just to make sure they are in good and sell condition before sending out.

We can provide the video if you would like to see it if you want to have this video and photos, contact our sales team for it.

Reliable Jigsaw Puzzle Printer Machine Factory

Own Engineer Team and Workshop

NEOXI has the professional team on the production and workshop, each technician is the experienced worker for printer production in each production step of the Jigsaw Puzzle Printer, like installing, testing, packing.

1.Jigsaw Puzzle Printer Workshop

Only a real manufacturer can show you the production workshop, we have 30+ workers for our small size UV Jigsaw Puzzle Printer production and warehouse operating, testing, and also we have showroom for customer visit.

Jigsaw Puzzle printer factory
Jigsaw Puzzle Printer Manufacturer
flatbed printer warehouse Jigsaw Puzzle Printer
Worker Recording Material of Printer
Jigsaw Puzzle Printer workers
Workers of Our Factory

2. Famous UV Flatbed Printing Machine Trade Show

We have been showing our printers to customer over the world, the small trade or famous trade show for letting customer knows well of our flatbed printing machines, many customers are feeling amazing on our printer and most of them directly make order for their printing business. We sure if customer need the Jigsaw Puzzle Printer they will directly make order too.

jigsaw puzzle printer trade show
uv flatbed printer seeing in trade show
small uv flatbed printer show

Let us know if you are interesting in our UV flatbed Jigsaw Puzzle Printer, directly contact us to start the story both of us now!

Contact for Jigsaw Puzzle Printer Machine Now!

Of course you may have some question on our Jigsaw Puzzle Printer, please just feel free to contact us directly, our professional sales team will provide the solution for your request.

jigsaw flatbed printer
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