Neixo Printer Review Photos

Since 2012 we started the foreign business, we have been sending thousands of Neixo UV flatbed pritner to customers over the world! The customers are happy with our machine because they can get the stable and functional machine with very reasonable low cost to start custom small business and for small production. Mow more and more customer choose us for the industrial version for mass production. 

buyer photos of smal uv printer
review photos of customer uv printer
buyer photos of smal uv printer
buyer photos of smal uv printer

Below are photos from some of our customers when they received our printer, and remark with the country and year of the printer sent out, it included different models of our series UV and DTG flatbed printers.


2019 Indonesia Industrial UV Printer

These are the images sent to us by Indonesian customer after purchasing our printer. Send Enquiry Country/Area: Indonesia Type: Industrial UV Printer Purpose: Bottle Printing Purchasing Date: 2019   Send Enquiry Here are some pictures sent to us by an Indonesian customer after successfully printing the bottle. Our Industrial UV Printer comes with

2019 Canada A4 UV Flatbed Printer Phone Case Printing

A4 UV flatbed printer review photos from Canada customer.  Send Enquiry Country/Area: Canada Type: Desktop UV Printer Purpose: Phone Case Printing Purchasing Date: 2019 Send Enquiry These pictures were sent to us by our Canadian customer after receiving the printer as phone case printer. This is a multi-purpose desktop UV printer that can

2015 Malaysia A3 DTG Printer for T-shirt Printing

Malaysia Customer DTG Printer Review Photos Send Enquiry Country/Area: Malaysiz Type: Desktop DTG Printer Purpose: T shirt printing Purchasing Date: 2015 Send Enquiry Photos from our Customer from Malaysia in 2015, it has been a few years.  It is for T-shirt printing business, customer uses the printer for start-up printing business, and he

2019 Netherlands Golf Ball Logo Custom Printing A3 UV Printer

Our machines are satified in Europe Market, there are a lot of customer from Europe who purhcaed our printer for business. The golf ball custom logo printing is on of the popular function our customer loved. Like this customer in Netherlands who is doing golf ball printing business.  Send Enquiry Country/Area: Netherlands Type:

2018 United Kingdom Acrylic Printer A3 UV Flatbed Printing Machine

Country/Area: United Kingdom Type: Desktop UV Printer NX3110UV Purpose: Acrylic Printing Purchasing Date: 2018-09 Here is the photos from our UK customer who purchase our A3 UV Printer for the acrylic printer. He is very happy with the printer and share some photos that he use our acrylic printer to print samples in

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