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Small UV Prinitng Machine with Golden and Silver Foil Metallic Film Transfer

Now you can do the Golden and Silver foil transfer job to make the golden foil items in a very easy way.

By Neixo Digital Inkjet UV DTF Printing Machine, you can make it! 

UV Printer for Golden and Silver Effect

Why are you seeking for the golden effect printing? Are you seeking for a way to get very easy and fast way to make small quantity of gold and silver effect, our UV DTF Printer dual head industrial UV flatbed printer can finish this in an unbelievably easy way. You can make your image on almost all kinds of surfaces from your mind and imaginations.

golden foild metallic printing

Spot Golden Effect Only

Lauxry effect you can see only golden on the surface without any comments that can be made Fast and Easy done by our UV Dual Head head printer

color with golden spot effect

Golden With Colors

In any place and any usage you can see this, we can make a full color image and gold foil film only on place we want to be show on

When You Want The Gold and Silver On?

First, what is the UV printer for Gold and sliver effect? It is easy to say we print the image with a Digital inkjet UV flatbed printer, and we will have a layer with varnish on, we can use the gold foil film to stick on after heat press to get the golden effect. For some customer printing requests, the luxury effect always relates to the Golden color, whether for PVC ID cards, name cards, wood and plastic signs, invitation cards on acrylic, glass pictures, wall art, labels, etc. 

What is the Process Of UV Printing with Golden Film On?

Are you considering one thing which is how complicated is the process of gold foil of UV printing? The answer now is, that is totally not complicated and it is far easier than your thought. Follow the below guild you will see only a few steps, it will be completed. Of course, we have very detailed step-by-step UV DTF printer tutorials for gold and silver foil film transfer for you.

gold sliver laser foil uv printing

1. Prepare the Image Layers of Varnish

The golden foil film will be stuck on the varnish ink, so when we make image in Photoshop, we will process the layer of the varnish parts. We can make full varnish or spot as you like. 

UV dtf varnishing printing

2. Printer Out Directly by Neixo UV Printer

Our Neixo Small UV Printer Dual heads version can do white – color – varnish printing in one printing process. Some parts of the varnish was printed as per what we process in the Photoshop software.

Foil printing with varnishing ink

3. Put the Goldedn or Silver Foil on and Stick

Simply you will only need to put the film on at this step and use the heat pressing machine to make the golden foil transfer to the varnish layer, complete and job done!

Contact to Get Step-by-Step Tutorials

From the above guild, you will find there is very very easy for making a golden effect by using a UV flatbed printer with varnish ink support. Now if you still have any questions please contact us to get the printer’s price, we will advise which model is suitable for your business and will provide very detailed tutorials for you with the printer.

Relate UV Printer Can Provide Metal Foil Effect

Choose one machine that for your business on Golden to the Foam board, small size or medium size you can get from our website

DTF Sticker for Gold/Silver/Laser

Need to advise also that, you can use our dual head industrial UV printer to do the gold and silver foil film heat press process, you can also use the DTF method to make the Golden and Silver, evern Laser effect sticker to make the film directly stick on any place you would like to put on.

View More About UV DTF Golden and Silver Method

UV flatbed printer

Some Applications of UV Printer for Gold and Sliver

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golden PVC card
Golden PVC ID Cards
golden effect for uv dtf printer
Black PVC Expansion Sheet

Full effect you can make by our UV Dual Head Industrial Flatbed Printer. We will have tutorial list for you about the normal Color printing directly, Varnish printing directly, Golden effect printing method. You will be able to complete the job All-in-One Machine. Contact US now for it!

all effect of uv dtf for golden pritning

UV Printing For Gold and Silver

Questions are alwayas welcomed, just left your message and question we will get back to you at once when we get your form information. 

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