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Oil Painting Printer with Digital UV Inkjet Printing Technology

Oil paintings are artworks people use to decorate their living rooms or dining areas. However, the production cost of oil paintings is high because it require manual drawing, which may take several days.

Now we have a better solution: using UV printers to directly print what you want onto canvas for oil paintings. With an oil painting printer, using UV digital direct printing technology, you can print your desired patterns directly onto a flat surface.

Oil Painting Printer Procee Video

Below is a video showing the entire process of printing with an oil painting printer using UV digital direct printing technology. Easy and Fast, you will be able to have a oil painting in short time. 

Step 1: We start by choosing the size of the oil painting we want to print.
Step 2: We set up the desired pattern on the computer.
Step 3: We place the prepared canvas material onto the platform of our UV printer and position it correctly.
Step 4: We simply start printing with our oil painting UV printer.

Play Video about oil painting printer video process

What kind of UV printer is suitable for use as an oil painting printer?

It mainly depends on your production needs. For smaller artworks, an A4 UV printer is suitable, while larger ones can print up to 40×60 centimeters. If you’re unsure about your requirements, you can contact us, and our sales team will respond promptly.

What Advantages of an Oil Painting Printer?

emobssed effect of oil painting printer

1. Embossed Effect Support

Firstly, with UV printing technology, you can achieve a relief effect, similar to the raised texture of some oil paintings.

time save by oil painting printing

2. Production Time Saved

Secondly, we don’t need as much production time. Printing a piece of oil painting may only take from a few minutes to a dozen minutes.

low cost oil painting printer

3. Low Cost for Canvas Picture

Thirdly, there’s a reduction in costs. With shorter production times, we don’t need as much labor cost, thus reducing overall costs and increasing production speed.

Varnish Effect on Oil Parint

If you choose our dual-head UV printer for UV printing, we can even add a glossy oil effect. Because we will have CMYKWW + 6V, the second head can do the varnish printing process at any place you want to show. 

Canvas painting normally does not need the varnish effect, they want to have an embossed effect instead, but now more people request a different type of oil painting when decorating the room.


varnish effect printing oil painting printer

Oil Printing Printer for Unlimted Possibility

Customize any artwork, design, picture, cartoon, or photo into an oil painting. You can process ordinary photos on the computer to give them a cultural effect and then print them out using an oil painting printer.

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