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Instrument Board Printing Machine with UV Ditigal Inkjet Printing Technology

Are you in search of an instrument board printing machine? Also known as an instrument panel printer, front panel printing machine, or control panel printer, these devices typically employ PAD painting technology for printing on instrument boards. However, there is a newer technology available: UV inkjet digital printing. This method offers the advantage of customizing any pattern with any color in a single print run. 

Let’s delve deeper into the UV instrument board printing machine.

Operating Process of an Instrument Board Printing Machine

Using a UV digital direct-to-print device, we can directly print the desired customized content onto the instrument board. Here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. Content Definition: First, determine the content you wish to print on the instrument board.
  2. Content Placement: Next, position this content according to the size and shape of the instrument board. This includes logos, legends, instructional texts, and even the placement of photographs or patterns to be displayed on the instrument board or control panel.
  3. White Underlayer (if applicable): If your instrument board is not white, add a white underlayer to the pattern.
  4. Placement on the Machine: Place the instrument board onto the properly aligned tray of the instrument board printing machine.
  5. Initiate Printing: Simply hit ‘Print’ on the computer, and the instrument board printing machine will commence the printing process.
  6. Finished Product: Once complete, you’ll have an instrument board ready for immediate use. Thanks to UV flatbed digital direct inkjet printing, the patterns and content will be fully dried and ready for application.
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Selecting the Right Instrument Board Printing Machine for You

Based on your usage requirements: • For high-volume printing, opt for an industrial large-panel model. • If you need a variety of effects, such as those supported by varnish, choose a dual-head printer. Ultimately, find a machine that suits your needs; if unsure, contact our customer service team for professional advice.

Compatible Materials for Instrument Board Printing

Our UV instrument board printing machine utilizes UV digital direct inkjet technology, enabling it to print directly on various material surfaces, including wooden, stainless steel sheet, aluminum, acrylic, glass, plastic instrument boards, and more. Essentially, you can use our instrument board printing machine to print a wide range of patterns onto these surfaces.

metal instrument board printing

Metal, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Instrument Panel Printing

Metal including the stainless steel and aluminum instrument is popular. For such material printing are the top request by the instrument board printing machine

acrylic and glass instrument panel printing

Acrylic and Glass Instrument Board Printing

For some instrument you can print on acrylic and glass surfaces for the control panel, we can print on the back side and show on the front side of the detail for instrument board

wood board instrument panel printing

Wood Board Instrument Panel Printing

Art printing is like wood instrument panel board printing. You can make printing for something print like toy instruments and some special instruments which can not use metal.

What is Printable Instrument Panel Shapes?

Since the instrument board printing machine does not require molds and uses digital printing technology, it can accommodate any gauge-like shape – circles, squares, rectangles, trapezoids, or even irregular shapes. Once you’ve customized the pattern and corresponding instrument board shape, you can accurately print the required content onto the designated positions.

Different shape Instrument panel printer
Round shape instrument board printer
Retangular Shape Instrument board printing machine

Printing on Different Color Instrument Boards or Control Panels

With UV digital color printing, we can print white ink, which serves as the white background for pattern designs, legends, logos, and text. Colored content can then be printed atop this white layer, allowing you to use a UV flatbed instrument board printing machine on instrument panels of any color surface.

White colot Instrument board printing

On White Color Surface Panel

Popular and almost all printing can be make on white color surface, including the white instrument board

Transparent Instrument board printing machine

On Transparant Board

Like glass or acrylic surface instrument board you can print on back side and can see front side, to protect the print

any color instrument board printer

On Any Color Board

Metal, Wood, almost all kind of color surface you can print on as we can make white ink printing for background

Instrument Board printer with dual head

Achievable Colors and Effects

Typically, instrument board printing involves single-color prints in white, black, or blue. Some users opt for full-color printing, which was previously limited due to the necessity of using a separate template for each color. 

With UV direct inkjet printing, however, we can print all colors without templates, offering both full-color and single-color options. Additionally, we can create a raised (embossed) effect, and using a dual-head UV printer, we can even apply a glossy varnish finish.

UV Printing vs. PAD Painting and Screen Sliking Painting

UV digital direct inkjet printing offers several advantages over traditional methods. It eliminates the need for creating molds based on your instrument board’s size and shape and does away with the requirement for different molds for different colors. 

Our instrument board printing machine can print any pattern, any color, on any shaped instrument board without these constraints. We do not have any quality limitations, you can print one piece at one print process while screen slinking and pad printing will need to do mass production as requested.

uv printer for instrument board printing
UV Printing for different shape instrument board

Finding the Right Instrument Board Printing Machine for Your Business

In summary, to select the ideal instrument board printing machine for your business, carefully consider the factors discussed above and purchase the machine best suited to your specific needs.

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