Flash Drive USB Credit Card Jig

Unit : 1 Pieces

Model for Neixo all series flatbed printer UV printing machine

Different Size USB Flash Pen Drive Credit Card Jig for UV Printer

This is the jig for our UV flatbed printer, for USB flash drives, USB card fixing, and printing, we have a template for our jig. It can be used for USB stick Logo printing, for companies, and for the promotion of mass production printing business. We can put the USB flash card on the Jig directly for accurate printing.

usb flash credit card jig
usb flash card pen drive jig
paper rfid card printing
small size usb flash card jig
USB CARD jig for uv printing

We have A4, A3 and 3040, 3050, 4060 size UV desktop and industrial flatbed printer, so we have different jig for the printing.

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