USB Flash Drive Printer
Custom LOGO & Design on Memory Stick Card

As a professional manufacturer of USB Flash Drive Printer, NEIXO has more than 15 years+ Small size UV flatbed printer manufacturing experience. Our UV printer can od printing process on USB flash pen drive credit card and memory stick. We have our own engineer team for our printer designing and production. 

The USB flash drive printer can do many kinds of memory flashcard and stick printing, like plastic memory stick, wood USB stick, metal flash stick, credit card flash drive, etc.

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NEIXO USB Flash Drive Printer

Small size pen drive credit card printing machine

NEIXO provide all feature even the desktop version UV printer, like cooling systems, auto white ink system, also head cleaning systems.
If you want to know more about our printer, just feel free to contact us directly.

Even for small size desktop UV flatbed printer, we put our good feature to the printer for you

USB Flash Drive Printer VIDEO

NEIXO making videos with our A4 UV printer as a demo, actually all our series UV printers can do the USB flash drive printing.  You can see in this video how we operate our small UV printer to do the custom printing job as the USB flash drive printer for card pen drive printing.

We insist on making video demo by our UV printer.

small size USB Flash drive uv printer for sales
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NEIXO USB Flash Drive Printers Series

Choose the Right UV Printer for You

NEIXO is a manufacturer, we have a series of Small UV flatbed printers for USB flashcards and stick printing. To cover different requests like low price USB flash drive printer A4 UV printer series, for large quantity printing can be A3 UV printer series.

NX4320UV A4 UV Printer

Small Format Desktop UV Printer Low Price

NX3220UV A3 UV Printer

UV Flatbed Printing Machine Cost-Effective

X3131UV A3+ Industry Printer

High Quality And Speed UV Printer

Our Professional Sales team will be always there for you, so please do not hesitate to contact us about your inquiry, we provide the best solution for you.

NEIXO USB Flash Drive Printer

Different Style Samples and Application

Custom different style of the USB flash drive and memory stick by our UV USB Flash Drive Printer. We have been doing sample printing job of the USB flash card and drive.

All the samples below are printed by our UV flatbed printer, you can click the video link to see the print video demo.

Custom USB Flash Drive Printer

You can use our small UV Printer to do the printing on different type of the USB flash drive easily and fast. Custom Logo and Design.

UV Printer for USB Flat Drive

Not only the memory stick you can get the print on the flat drive like card micro flip by our USB Flash Drive Printer which is popular

Woodsman Flash Drive Printer

Printing Logos on Woodsman USB flash drive memory stick is very easy by our USB flash drive printer, print full color directly. 木壳U盘

Gem USB Flash Drive Printer

Our USB Flash Drive Printer can do the printing on different material, also the acrylic like the Gem USB memory stick.

Wallet USB Card Metal

Do printing on the Wallet USB Flash card drive in metal material, you can do the UV printing process directly by NEIXO USB Flash Drive Printer.

Mobile Spin USB Flash Drive Printer

Mobile USB stick with type C socket flash drive printing machine can do the print job on USB stick directly for mobile phone.

Blade USB Flash Drive Printer

Very thin USB flash drive the blade USB flash pen drive card is popular and our flash drive printer can do the custom printing on it easy.

Credit Card Mini Spin USB Drive

USB Credit Card Flash Drive Printing process will be the one of the function that our USB Flash Drive Printer can do for USB memory printing business.

Domino USB Stick Printing

Domino USB stick custom printing can be done by NEIXO USB Flash drive printer in bulk printing process business with different content.

Wallet USB Card Flip

Flip memory stick in micro size, the USB Flash Drive Printer can complete the custom Logo and design job on wallet card in any content.

Wood Type C USB Drive Printing

We can see many USB stick are made by wood and with Type C, we can print Logo and any information of company on it by USB Flash Drive Printer.

Kooval mobile USB Drive Printing

The Koval mobile USB flash memory drive is with the cover one we can use USB Flash Drive Printer to custom print on USB stick body and the cover.

NEIXO - China USB Flash Drive Printer Supplier

As the leading manufacturer of the USB flash drive printer, we produce and design all of our printer series in our own factory.

Below we will let you know what our USB UV printer series advantage and about our factory.

USB Flash Drive Printer Advantage

These are Reason You Purchase NEIXO Printer

We understand your request is to print the USB flash drive, memory USB stick, pen drive USB credit card, etc. And how our NEIXO USB Flash Drive Printer do to support your request? What advantages of our UV printer?

No Any MOQ Request

NEIXO USB Flash Drive Printer can do printing in custom business without any minimum quantity request. You can even do the printing 1 piece specially. 

You can get any quantity order from you customer. 

Full Color Image Design at One Print

Different with the skill printing with each color each time, our USB Flash Drive Printer can do full color printed at one time.

You can get any image printed by our printer easily. 

Support Almost All Types of USB Drive and Stick

For plastic, metal, wood material. For card, stick, flip or any other shape USB flash memory stick you can use our desktop UV USB Flash Drive Printer to do the printing process. 

You can complete almost all kinds of USB drive printing business by our printer. 

Support The Jig/Fixture for USB Drive Printing

NEIXO USB Flash Drive Printer can do printing in custom business without any minimum quantity request. You can even do the printing 1 piece specially. 

You can get any quantity order from you customer. 

NEIXO USB Flash Drive Printer Technology

NEIXO USB Flash Drive Printer Specification

Data Table of our Memory Stick UV Printer

Print Head:Epson Series
Printer: USB Flash Drive Printer
 Software:RIP Software
Ink Supply System:Damper CISS
System Require:WIN7 / WIN10
Height Adjustment:Electronic automatically
Working Environment:25-30C, 50%, Dust free
Type:Desktop UV Printer
Color Support:CMYK+W
Support Print Process:White Ink Decrease
Support Ink:UV Led Ink
Interface:USB Cable
Print Software:RIP software
Power:AC 110/220V, 50Hz/60Hz

NEIXO USB Flash Drive Printer Advantage

Small Custom Desktop UV Printer Features

Automatic Head Cleaning System

Avoid Head Clogging

Automatic Head Cleaning System is the top advantage of our USB Flash Drive Printer and it is a very important function of the UV flatbed printer.

It cost a lot as it will need a special IC to control the printer cleaning system, but we still add to the USB memory stick printing machine for you as we know to avoid any head problem is one of the main concern of you.

You can turn on the function by out touch screen control panel on our USB Flash Drive Printer and our printer will process the head cleaning process every day to make sure the print head is in healthy condition.

Auto Height Adjusting System

To Suit the Height of USB Stick

We know that you are doing the custom USB Flash Drive Printing business so there will have many different types of USB flash sticks.

Our auto infrared height adjusting system on the USB Flash Drive Printers so you can suit different kinds of USB flash sticks and cards.

Once the USB stick or memory card is height than the limit bar, the tray will lower down and protect the item and the print head.

Water Circulation Cooling System

NEIXO USB Flash Drive Printer completed with the water circulation cooling system which is one of the most important of the UV printing machine as it can let the UV LED keep in a good working condition.

We know that stable production of the USB flash card printing is the first aim of you, we put the water cooling system as the solution for you.

Touch Screen Control Panel

Upgraded Controlling Panel

For easy control and operation, we add the Touch Screen control panel for the USB Flash Drive Printer so you can easy to see the tray height and in/out button to make the USB flash cards on jig easy.
We also add the Auto Clean of the print head button to the control panel so you can see the function is ON of OFF.

Radiator Cooling System

To support better cooling system, we add the Radiator Cooling System to our USB Flash Drive Printer.

When the hot water flows in the water tube and pass through the radiator, there will be a heat sink let the water cool down by doing this job, we can make the water further cool.

NEIXO are the first manufacturer to add this system to the Mini Desktop UV Printer.

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NEIXO UV USB Flash Drive Printer Details

Quality Shows In Detail

Straight axis and the 4 axis for the tray lifting and moving stable of USB Flash Drive Printing Machine.

To avoid damage of the USB drive printer we make printer in full metal cover. 

Epson Original Capping Station for auto head cleaning and to keep the nozzle in moisture.

Buyer Show and Review

Customer Review USB Flash Drive Printer

We have been sending thousands of USB Flash Drive Printer all over the world since 2012 when we start the foreign business. Below are all photos from our customers when they receive the our printers after purchasing. When you purchase the printer you will receive the printer in similar way.

Before our USB Flash Drive Printer send out we will have a series of inspection and we will put the order number on it for the video and photo record. Then do the well packed film or protecting your printer during delivery. 

More Than USB Flash Drive Printer

More purpose you can get by our UV Printer series

You may already know that our USB Flash Drive Printer is the kind of UV printer that can do a lot of printing purposes, ti is a multi-purpose custom UV flatbed printer that can print not only the USB flash drive, ut also the pone case, acrylic, wood, metal, plastic, golf ball, PU leather, pen, etc.
Acrylic Printer
Wood UV Printer
Metal Printing Machine
Ball Pen Printer

UP Leather Prnter

PVC Card Printer

Our USB Flash Drive Printer actually can do more than that you imagine, think of more possibilities for you to expand your businesses.

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Professional After Sale Support

Factory Engineer Technical Support

Maybe you have a concern about the printer using, you may not know how do we set the USB Flash Drive to the tray, how to locate the memory stick and USB drive to the printing by our USB Flash Drive Printer.

You actually no nee d to worry about this as we are the original manufacturer, we provide detailed STEP-BY-STEP Video and Tutorials along with our UV flatbed printer. Since we have many years of experience on USB Flash Drive Printer selling, we know the most important part is the service. Our After-Sale team will support you if you haves any question. 

Step-by-step Tutorials

1 v 1 Technician Support

12 Hour Servicing Time

If you are going to do a small business on USB Dive printing, we will have a good change to provide to you the USB Flash Drive Printer as it can help you to custom any quantity USB flash drive and with very low cost and price for start up. Just feel free to contact us!

Packing of NEIXO USB Flash Drive Printer

Delivery Lead Time and Packing Process

International Crate for Delivery

Package Type: International Wooden Crate
Dimension: Depends on Model
Net Weight: 38KG-70KG (Depends on Model)
Gross Weight: 40KG-90KG (Depends on Model)

1. Delivery and Lead Time USB Flash Drive Printer

Within 3 days lead time. Normally we can arrange the delivery within 1 working day. Because we are the  original UV flatbed printer manufacturer, we have sufficient stock, and our production line has been working everyday.

We normally send out the USB Flash Drive Printer by by DHL/FedEx/TNT for the customer, and even you have request to send by sea freight or to your warehouse in China city, we will process accordingly.

2. Testing of USB Flash Drive Printer before sending out.

There are a series of inspection job of our printer in production line for the quality control.

And before sending out the printer, we will do a process of the final inspection to printer and we will put the order number on the printer for video record.

The adding the film for protecting all the USB Flash Drive Printers before sending to you.

Reliable USB Flash Drive Printer Manufacturer

Own Engineer Team and Workshop

NEIXO has a professional team of USB Flash Drive Printer manufacturing. And of course, we also have a series of machines for production as we are a professional manufacturer.

1. USB Drive Flash Credit Card Printer Workshop

Below you will see that we are the real manufacturer with workshop, warehouse, material house, workers, production line, etc. We produce our USB Flash Drive Printer in our factory, we know well of our flatbed printer. Buying directly from the original manufacturer means getting professional support. 

uv printer factory
USB Flash Drive Printer for Delivery
flatbed printer warehouse
Worker Recording Material Seriously
flatbed printer shipping
Everyday Delivery of Printers
desktop printer manufacturer
Carefully and Seriously  in Production
a4 uv  printer
Sufficient of Material Stock
customer visit
Customer in Visiting to Neixo Factory
a3 dtg printer packing
Carefully and Seriously  in Production
uv printer shipping
Equipment for Packing and Delivery
uv printer factory
NEIXO Factory Worker Team

2. Famous USB Stick Printing Machine Trade Show

We always show our flatbed printer including our USB Flash Drive Printer for customers to see our printer directly. Any people who can see our printer working directly. We get a lot of good feedback after seeing our printer in the trade show and getting many orders in the exhibition. 

USB Flash Drive Printer exhibitions
USB Flash Drive Printer trade show
small size USB Flash Drive Printer trade show
USB Flash Drive Printer exhibition
USB Flash Drive Printer customer seeing in trade show
USB Flash Drive Printer show
Contact if you would like to see our printer in some trade shows, or directly contact us to see the printers online.

NEIXO USB Flash Drive Printer

The USB Flash Drive Printer is a kind of Flatbed digital printer, and our desktop version UV Printer is based on Epson printer, the industry version is designed and produced by us. 

We can provide the solution of the USB flash drive printing, custom design, logo, image, photos, the text of the company, any request you can complete by our USB Flash Drive Printer. 

USB Flash Drive Printer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This Guide will answer your questions about the USB Flash Drive Printer 

So, before you are going to buy the printers please see the detail below.

1. What is USB Flash Drive Printer?

The USB Flash Driver Printer is usually a UV flatbed printer, by the UV printing technology we can use the UV ink to bed printed on the USB driver, USB memory stick surface.

2. If USB Flash Drive Printer good for Start-up Businesses?

There is a lot of USB UV flash dive credit card printer in the market, different size, and different price. The small one like what we provide is good for a start-up business as the price is cheap also the printing quality is good. 

3. What USB drive can be printed?

You will see almost all kinds of flat surface USB flash memory stick and card van be done. Like slider USB card, spin USB stick, mobile spin type C USB type, gem USB drive, credit card mini spin USB, wallet card metal drive, blade USB key etc. More than what you can imagine. 

4. How USB Flash Printer print on USB Drive?

The UV printer technology for the USB flash printing job, we use the UV led ink to print on the USB flash drive, and the printing machine will have a UV led to dry the ink on the USB stick surface. 

5. How many pieces of the USB stick can be printed at one time?

It depends on the USB  flash drive printer size and the USB stick size. For example, if the A4 UV flatbed printer tray is 21x34cm and the USB flash card is 8.5×8.3, then you can put 9 pieces of the USB flashcard on the tray to print at one time. We have the video above to show you how we print USB flash drives.

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You may have questions about the USB Flash Drive Printer, just feel free to contact us now! Our professional sales team will get back to you with answers with solutions. 

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