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Best UV Bottle Printing Machine

I think you are seeking a UV bottle printing machine. It is UV technology, it can be used for custom Bottles printing, Cans, or other glass material surfaces, which are demanded on the market.

It is an easy digital printing way to print on the bottle by a UV flatbed printer with a rotary cylinder attachment. Full-color images and text, as well as images, and designs, can be printed on a bottle. 

How UV Bottle Priting Machine Work

Yo can see in below video to see how our UV bottle printing machine work in a very easy way to make a full color image printed on the surface of the bottle, it is printed by our 4060 UV printer with a rotary attachment accessory for bottle and cylinder items printing. 

Play Video about how uv bottle printing machine work
UV Bottle Printing Process​

UV Bottle Printing Process

It is very easy to print the image on the bottle, there is a printing process with the UV bottle printing machine to print on the bottle:

  1. We prepare the image Logo, and designs in the PC from the custom request. 
  2. We need to make clear the dimensions of the bottle and printing area. 
  3. Designed the print image in PC to suit the bottle print diameter and length of the bottle. 
  4. We put the bottle on the rotary attachment which was already installed on the UV flatbed printer.
  5. Now we just click the print button and the printing process will start and you will get the finished bottle with the printed image.

Details of the Bottle Printing

You can see below the detial images of the bottle which are printed by our UV bottle printing machine, it is a ceramic bottle for the acholic. We use a nice photo to print on the surface, the color are vivid and we can make it full printing. The edge of image and the color will be amazing to your customers when they get the completed bottle.

detail of bottle of uv bottle printing machine
uv bottle printing machine detail

Not only the ceramic bottle we showed in the video we can print, but also the plastic one we can do like the below image for your reference. You can put the Logo, and any text for the jar and can small quantity printing requests. Small plastic bottle for any thing putting in for a gift with special greeting words, or wedding letter and design, logo, cartoon, etc. For the UV Flatbed printing fucntion, not only the bottle you can print on, but also the cover of the bottle you can make printed iamge on too.

other material bottle printing
plastic bottle printing machine

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What Technology UV Bottle Printing Machine Use?

The UV bottle printing machine you can see it is using UV LED digital printing technology, for UV ink curing on the bottle surface, it can print image on the bottle by UV LED printing technology, and will need a rotary to fix the bottle and let it rotate during printing. 

rotary attachment of uv bottle printing machine

Rotary Attachment Supported

Our UV bottle printing machine have to support the rotary to do the bottle printing process, it is very stable on printing bottle in good condition.

Relate Printer For UV Bottle Printing

For different series flatbed printer, some of the printer can add the rotary attachment so it can be used as the UV bottle printing machine for you, the mian differet is the size, some mahcine like 3050 UV machine can do the 30cm lenght bottle printing, the 4060 UV printer can print 40cm lenght bottle.

Cost for Bottle Printing by Our UV Bottle Printing Machine

Our UV bottle printing machine is under very low cost, the price are cheap but with full functions, the cost of easy printing will be very low as it will only need to calculate the ink cost normally for one bottle printing the cost might be low as $0.5, but the custom bottle can as more than $15 as the custom service cost. 

For any ordering quantity bottle printing business. Because in the market, you will find a lot of requests for custom printing on bottles, for some promotional items, decorative bottles, and even tumblers. But most of the printing is in small printing quantity requests. Now with the UV bottle printing machine, you can use the printer to do printing on even 1 piece printing demand, in this case, you can increase the service price, but the actual printing costs are the same, as you will only need to input the image to the PC, the print out the image directly on the bottle surface, it is like making a print job on a home printer.

cost of uv bottle printing

UV Bottle Printing Machine for Small Business

As above mentioned, you can do any quantity of bottle, you will find that UV bottle printing is very suitable for small businesses, you can even put a UV bottle printing machine at home, in a room with a small space, then you can accept the printing job and business on eBay, Esty, Amazon or near your street, school, company, wedding party requests. 

uv bottle printing machine for small butiness

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