2020 The United States Small Format DTG Printer – 0714A

Review photos from American client.

USA customer review photo
Country/Area:United States
Type:Desktop DTG Printer
Model:NX3220DTG A3 Small DTG Printer
Purchasing Date:2020

These review photos are from our USA customer when he received our A3 DTG printer in 2020. 

Customer wants to create a T-shirt printing store for a small order, maybe also for other textile like canvas bags, sports bags, hoodies, etc. He found us on the Alibaba shopping platform and purchased this machine. When he received the printer, he was very satisfied and feedback to us these photos. 

Printer photo
Review photo of DTG printer

Welcome to contact with us if you are also interested and need for it.

DTG printer photo from USA
Photo of A3 DTG Printer
DTG printing machine from USA

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