golf tee printer

Golf Tee Printer

What is a Golf Tee Printer? It’s a printing device that uses UV printing technology to print any logo or design on golf tees.

With a Golf Tee Printer, you can customize any quantity of golf tees with any design and color, for more customized business.

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The Printing Process of the Golf Tee Printer

Printing on golf tees, you will have to have a printing machine that can print on a golf tee, with the supported software, PC, and the Jig and fixture for golf tee printing.

First, we determine the size of the golf tee and the area we want to print on. Is it the top or the side of the golf tee?
Second, we prepare the design and a template suitable for printing on golf tees.
Third, we merge the dimensions of the design and template on the computer.
Fourth, we place the template with the golf tees onto the tray of the Golf Tee Printer.
Fifth, we initiate the printing process on the computer and let the Golf Tee Printer do its job.

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What Material Golf Tee can the Golf Tee Printer Print on?

We all know that there are some different materials of golf tee can be made from.​ So we can print all of the golf tees without considering the material they are made from?

wood golf tee

Wooden Golf Tees

Many golf tees are made of wood, and the UV printing technology of Golf Tee Printers allows printing directly onto wood

plastic golf tee

Plastic Golf Tees

Plastic tees are popular for their waterproof and durable properties, and the Golf Tee Printer can print on plastic as well.

Choose The Golf Tee Printer for You

A UV flatbed printer can be the machine you will use to print on golf tees, but you will need to confirm one thing before choosing a Golf Tee Printer, it is the printing size of the UV flatbed printer. As large as more golf tees you can print on one printing pass. 

Why Print on Golf Tees with Golf Tee Printer?

Normally, golf tees come without any markings or logos. But for promotions or customized gifts, we often need to add logos to golf tees. Personalized logos can also indicate ownership, especially when gifting.

golf tee printer
golf tee printer
golf tee printer
golf tee printer

What About Printing Speed of Golf Tee Printer?

Industrial Golf Tee Printers have fast printing speeds. Since golf tee logos are relatively small, printing a batch usually takes from a few minutes to 20 minutes.

jig of golf tee printer

Are There Jig Fixture for Golf Tee printing?

Yes, there are different trays for different sizes of Golf Tee Printers. Additionally, trays differ based on the printing area, such as side or top.

Can Other Golf Promotional Products be Printed on?

golf ball printing

Golf Ball Printing

It is the most popular feature that you would like to have for golf ball-related product printing. The Golf ball printing can let you do a large quantity golf ball printing

golf ball marker

Golf Mark Printing

See how the golf mark printing in this photo you can see that, we can also use the golf tee printer to complete the golf mark printing

Golf Ball Package Printing

By wooden packing box or cylinder plastic package for the golf ball, you can do the custom printing on the surface to make them in a whole set.

Golf Tee Printer

In summary, if you’re a producer of customized golf tees and promotional golf products, investing in a Golf Tee Printer can significantly boost your business.

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