2020 Turkey Personal DTG Printer – 0701A

Photos after printer received – from a customer in Turkey. 

Turkye customer dtg printer
Type:Desktop DTG Printer
Model:NX3220DTG A3 Small DTG Printer
Purchasing Date:2020

This is one of our customers from Turkey who bought our desktop DTG printer in 2020. 

After long-distance transportation, the A3 DTG printer arrived in Turkey intact. On the first day he received the A3 DTG printer, he had already printed some T-shirts according to our simple video tutorial. He is very happy because operating the A3 DTG printer is easier than he thought before.

printer DTG photo
Turkey customer review photos
DTG printing machine photo

Welcome to contact us for this personal DTG Printer Machine.

review photot of DTG printer
photo of dtg printer
Turkey DTG printer photo

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